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  • Writer's Block

    I haven't felt the urge to write anything in months. It's bad. I haven't even been able to bring myself to write long posts. I feel worthless. I can't even bring myself to add to freaking HOID. Anyone know of any good muses? Because my next step is just to drunkenly slam on a keyboard and post it up as a new story. I feel like I could never compare to Chubby's skill at doing that though....
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    I've found I do some of my best writing when I'm forcing myself to write something daily. Even if it's just a gay little Xanga/MySpace/LiveJournal/Blog where you put up two paragraphs of how your day went. Because by writing daily, you get used to spending time devoted TO writing.

    And from there you just keep going until you're able to put one of your ideas to the page. It's a lot easier to stay focused on a story when you're used to writing stuff than it is when you sit in front of a keyboard cold turkey and expect genius.
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      You're not a pot smoker are you?

      If you're not. Get some from someone, you have to know someone; take one or two hits and then just brainstorm.

      It's a different state of mind it will product results. Don't do this too often, however; because if you start to do so regularly you will find yourself blocked again. When I was smoking regularly I was completely blocked, but now that I've slowed way the hell down I can write again. If I want to brainstorm, I smoke a dab.

      Another suggestion. Are you used to writing on a computer? Get a fucking notebook and pen and put on some headphones. Go to town. It will be a little slower than typing (unless you're a shitty typist), but you'll see a lot of character develop at certain points. Plus you'll have the additional opportunity to doodle a bit on the margins.
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        So that's why I suck at this.... Damn
        OH FUDGE!


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          Hmmm, I've never been much into the leafy green stuff. Why doesn't caffeine and/or alcohol inspire?
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            Originally posted by apotheosis View Post
            Hmmm, I've never been much into the leafy green stuff. Why doesn't caffeine and/or alcohol inspire?
            They do, for a time. But your body has become accoustomed to them. You need something different.

            I'm telling you. Two hits, all by yourself; and write down some brainstorming notes. You'll be amazed with what you come up with.

            (oh, and make sure it's good stuff. Pay more for it if you have to. It should be green, not 'olive green' or 'brownish green', green. There should be some orange or red "hairs" in the bud as well. The less seeds and the thinner the stem the better. While smell is not usually an accurate indicator, it should smell like freshly mown grass. If it's dry and curmbles in our fingers, it's old. Get something fresh.)
            The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


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              Maybe you're one of those people that has to be "straight edge" to write more. I'm not exactly sure how much you were drinking (if at all) in High School but you seemed to write more during that time.

              Of course there's also the fact that you're in college and you're busier, so your mind is more preoccupied with other more important real life things. (girls, tests, lack of money, etc) Which isnít so much proper writerís block as it is that you just donít have as much free time anymore.

              But if it makes you feel any better, I really havenít been writing anything for months either. I got ideas, just donít really have time to write the stuff out and concentrate on them properly currently and I donít want to do a half-assed job on a story that I think could be a good one.

              Though Usokiís got a good idea to write SOMETHING down, which is probably what I should do, just so Iím doing something. Maybe now would be a good time to finally concentrate on those ďlesser story ideasĒ that I donít give as much of a crap about.
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                Well, if I get desperate enough to write, I suppose I'll try that, but for now its probably all for the better so I can focus on my studies.
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                  I'm with DEP here. Pot, late at night, can be a catalyst to WONDERFUL creativity.

                  And, as always, moderation is the key. Maybe it just depends on your brain chemistry. The first episode of Mageslayer was the product of one good joint, the rest just sort of followed in it's wake. For me, pot is something you do at night when you can't get to sleep and you have a good deal of energy. You'll have a burst of creative energy for a good two hours, and then comes the sleep.

                  Perhaps this is why I am indeed in the same boat as you, Apoth. I haven't smoked pot in over six months. I am uninspired and tired. Today I was walking through Wal*Mart like a zombie, wondering what I was even doing there? I feel so...bluh, lately.

                  I think maybe it's this long winter.

                  As for alcohol inducing creativity!? The only thing alcohol induces are regrets and strange bruises.


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                    Hmm, I just had a minor blip of inspiration. Enough to add a few rooms to HOID. Not a lot. But its better than nothing. My girlfriend won't be here for another few hours. I wasn't going to start drinking without her, but... that's a long way a way. Hmmmm. It does look appetizing. Perhaps I can just mix one test drink to make sure my formula is good.
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                      She's only a girlfriend if she does your laundry.

                      Otherwise you shall refer to her as your:

                      1. booty call

                      2. ho

                      3. fuck muffin


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                        Damn... i don't even have that...
                        OH FUDGE!


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                          Leblanc4prez, it could be far worse. Trust me on that one. I know from experience. Don't worry yourself over it and just let time take care of these things. I am sure this will all seem meaningless and hollow, but I am being very serious here.
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                            Thanks bro... I am Much happier!
                            OH FUDGE!


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