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    hey guys i know i havent released any new stories in quite a long time but thats all about to change. I opened what was suppose to be my "epic" story to the public today. Its not finished and i hope you all can help me finish it. I hated to abondon it like i did but i just didnt have time to write a story that was going to be as deep and interactive as Fate of Greyhaven was suppose to be...on a different note however, i am starting work on some smaller stories that should be about the same length as The spartans. I hope to have these stories out soon and hopefully they will be a worthy addition to this site. thx.
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    Welcome to infinite-story.

    Wait, woops. I remember you now. Sorry about that. Glad to see you aren't dead.
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      Yo, what be goin' down, new blood's a good thing, know what I'm sayin', but you ain't even been initiated yet or nothin'. We's gonna bring da pain, dog, you gonna feel it when you wake up. Shoot some pain pills, get dat tat, and you be straight. Holla. North Philly, aight, Montgomery style, represent. Peace.
      Holla from Philly, Montgomery style.


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