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  • When Zombies Attack

    Lots of new writers out there. I was interested to see that one guy made not one, but TWO branching stories entitled When Zombies Attack. They're nowhere near as good as the one my friend made, but the whole thing's still kind of amusing.

    I wonder if it was a coincidence?

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    I think Xnull's 2023 is probably the best "zombie story" on here.

    Speaking of Halloween, it's a good the thing the contest story isn't due today, because I'm nowhere near finished.

    (Is the contest even still on?)
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      I haven't worked on my story since last winter, nor have I really thought about it much. I had planned to wait until I was done with work and then finish it, but I'm way busier up at Michigan Tech than I ever thought I'd be.

      Plus, I didn't really like where it was going.

      Plus, I HATE the theme. At first I thought it sounded cool, but I have no idea how I'm going to tie up my story.

      I'm still just under 20,000 words.


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        I just made what I have public. I won't ask for feedback, but if you want to rate it or leave a comment, I'll appreciate it.

        Right now it's called Quelnine, but I had plans to rename it The Rift (it's not really like my old story of the same name, I just like the title).


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          Well, I guess it depends on who plans on working on it.

          Personally, I have an idea that will work really well- much better than my previous 'omnipotent God child makes things that mess up so he starts over' idea. But, given that I'm a lazy bastard, I will be amazed if I start working on it any time before school lets out. Which is still a good twenty days before the end of the year, so, hey- it works.

          I never understood why Halloween had any sort of deadline appeal- there's nothing overly special about it, except for the fact that the week or so before it is, for whatever reason, always freakishly busy. It's sort of like how November is one of the worst months ever, so they decided to put "No" into NaNoWriMo to taunt people. (Or so I've decided) I mean, sure, I understand summer loses all of its magic once you're out of school, but... November? Really? At least pick a month with some good federal holidays or something. Cripes.
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            Blame DEP, he started this crazy contest stuff and the Halloween deadline became tradition, personally I've always preferred the deadline around New Year's Eve.

            Yeah, I'm not excessively enthused about the theme either so it's an effort to work on it. There's like several times I've wanted to put SOME sort of ending down, but I'm trying to think up new ways to loop it since it's doing a lot of branching and I don't want to repeat things too much. I've got it loosely planned out and even several " main endings" but it's tying up all the little sideline branches that take time.

            Given that it takes place over one week and I'm only on Wednesday right now, I've still got a crapload of work to do on it.
            Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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              I've gotten, well lets see, 0 rooms, 0 words, and 0 ideas, but I am very hopeful.

              I'm probably going to end up hammering it out in a couple of marathon writing sessions. I promise it will be better than Infernal Gate.
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                I've got almost as much done as Apoth.

                Halloween was the original deadline because the first contest was a monster themed contest.
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