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  • IWT6a

    Since I sort of adopted the contest from Ves after she left... is anyone opposed to me tweaking it a bit? If a majority of the forum members "aren't feeling it", I don't see much point in keeping the contest the way it is. To me, the point of the contest is for everyone to submit something interesting, and then to give and receive awesome feedback about it. So if everyone is just going to post mediocracy...that's a sign we might want to mix it up a bit.

    Unless we can agree on a theme within the next few days (or if everyone else unanimously agrees to the runner up theme, mythology) I propose we just run with a no-theme theme. I honestly don't care what gets submitted- the goal is to just write something. A poor man's NaNoWriMo, if you will. A lot of us have been getting stagnant-ish.

    And, to accomodate the change, I also propose we add a small amount of extra time. To that end, I propose that we make everything due on Jan 20th, the one year anniversary of Obama's inauguration. (It's the only worthwhile date in mid-January).

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    Having a "no theme" this year certainly sounds like a good idea to me. Submitting projects that the writer actually cares about (whether they're properly finished or not) by the 20th would at least infuse the site with better quality stories.

    Regardless of what theme is chosen I'm just going to submit what I already have written for Primal before January 20th. It's not done yet, but it's easily already more than 20 rooms long and I've put more care into it. And with the extended deadline, I might even be able to finish it in time.
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      If it doesn't necessarily have to be finished, then I can probably submit the story I'm working on - provided I get round the problem I kind of backed myself into.


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        Twenty rooms has always been the minimum requirement. As long as you have that before January 20th, you should be fine.
        Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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          Oh, I'm way past twenty rooms. I think I've just introduced too many variables. But maybe I can always go back and add in the extra rooms later


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            Excellent idea, Usoki! This way I'll be able to submit Quelnine, too!

            I'm behind you 100%.

            Not physically.


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              I'm all for procrastinating. I was looking forward to seeing how other people did the infinity thing, but nothing wrong with giving everyone maximum creative license I suppose, unless people fall back to their tried and true things, which can still be fun.

              Anyway, I'll try to do the infinity challenge. I many not have written anything yet, but I drew a picture of some interlocking loops... so that's sort of like a rough outline!
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                I'm hesitant to take from Ves what is rightfully hers. Perhaps as a tribute to our dearly departed we should make the new theme Blah Blah Blah: Writer's Pet Projects.

                Mythology would be ok too.

                I really tried working with the other theme, but it just wasn't working for me.

                Feel free to dismiss my suggestions on the matter, because even with a new theme I'll be pressed for time with the deadline at jan. 20th. I work straight up until Christmas and then I am going on vacation. Anyone want to move the deadline to Valentine's Day??? We could celebrate with some Infinite Story Lovin'.


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                  It seems like a contest ought to have some kind of theme, but I admit that for completely selfish reasons I'm all for the 'write anything' idea. With that and the extended deadline I might actually have a chance to enter. I've got a couple of stories in the works that almost at 20 rooms right now, and I would love the opportunity to get some feedback. (All you have to do is post the story on time, right? Or is there somebody I need to contact ahead of time?)

                  Originally posted by End Master View Post
                  Regardless of what theme is chosen I'm just going to submit what I already have written for Primal before January 20th.
                  This just made my day right here. I remember coming across your description of Primal in the 'writing projects' thread and thinking how awesome it sounded, but since that was posted like two years ago I thought maybe you abandoned it.


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                    I'll try to come up with something.

                    And FUCK Ves.

                    Hahaha. Just kidding.

                    No but seriously. Fuck Ves.

                    Just kidding.
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                      mizal: You just have to post your story before the dealine, is all. I think there are a few length restrictions, but we're very liberal about what gets accepted.

                      Katie: Yes, it kind of does feel wrong, I suppose. Maybe we could do it so that there's like two side-by-side tournaments: one for people who actually do an "infinite story" and one for people who simply don't want to do that theme. I could probably enter both of them (since Quelnine already qualifies for one) and this will give everyone a chance to get feedback. Also, if we declared the person with the best "infinite" story as the "real" winner, it would be completely justified.

                      As for the dealine, I vote January -- let's just get this thing over with.


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                        mizal. Make sure you post in here to let us know your story is posted and which story it is (that way we know you're in).

                        good luck.

                        I might try for this one... Still though, lot on the plate so I might not.
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                          Ya, I probably wont either. (what's new)


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                            Originally posted by donteatpoop View Post
                            mizal. Make sure you post in here to let us know your story is posted and which story it is (that way we know you're in).

                            Twenty pages about space pirates coming right up then.


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                              So... do you guys want to that then? Allow all entries, rate them, and then declare the highest rated "infinite" story as the "official" winner? Deadline January 20th?


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