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Infinite Writing Tournament 11- Horror

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  • Yep, Men of Science.
    The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


    • So what do you guys think, Bats doesn't show up by Friday we have someone else take over the management part of the IWT?
      The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


      • Last time we had a situation like this it fell to the person who got second place in the previous contest. Ves had the second highest score last contest, so I guess Ves can take over if she's feeling up to it.

        Failing that, it would go to Usoki, then Mizal, then whoever else wanted to be bothered to do it.
        Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


        • So did we end up with four stories or three?

          Indeed, where is Bat? I feel like I only just saw him here, but my sense of time and space has admittedly become pretty fucked up lately.

          Where did Locke go? He had a period of fairly intensive forum activity and then disappeared completely. If I'm not mistaken, he had also put in for the contest.

          I know I saw dreamshell around somewhere the other day, can't remember if it was here or on the main site. Any story from the dreamster?


          As for taking over admin duties, I'm willing to if he doesn't show up, but I'd sure rather not. I have a feeling the Bat will soon be back.
          My sanity, my soul, or my life.



            Try to take this from me. See what happens. I'll come for your families, your children. Anyone you hold dear. I'll cut their throats and bathe in the blood while you watch me do it. I am emperor of these forums.YOU WILL ALL BURN FOR YOUR SINS.

            Hey guys. I'm still alive. I'm actually very surprised that anyone else contributed. I was ready to concede the whole contest to dep. I lacked faith and for that I apologize to Vesnic and fluffy bear person.

            A stroke of bad luck has befallen me however, mainly due to my own stupidity. My computer took a bit of a tumble and is currently being repaired. I foolishly never saved the story to a flash drive or uploaded it to the website or anything. Dumb move, I know. I have about half the story which is about 10 rooms and would fail my own entrance qualifications. I'm getting my computer back on Friday so I should be able to upload the entire story upon that date.

            So if we all don't mind waiting until Friday we can have four stories for the contest and end the infinite contest once and for all. You all could of course say screw me and dock me points for being a bastard. I don't mind, I probably deserve it. At this point I don't think anyone cares to wait four more days. I certainly don't care. About anything anymore. *sips from flask*

            I mean really I was so close to blowing my head off while I burned a printed version of my story with a lighter. The revolver was in my mouth. I was so close to sending DEP the e-mail which read "You win you noble bastard. The only one who could meet the deadline in time. You deserve this and I don't want it anymore. May you be the next to be cursed. Sincerely, Batman."

            Luckily it never came to that point. Ves and polar teddy have restored my belief in this website and forum. So, Friday. Friday I get my computer back, I'll upload the story to IS and we can be done.


            • Whatever I guess.

              It's great that you set out to make it one of the most on-timeliest of all IWT's but are instead setting new delay records. I like when someone knows what they want and goes out and gets it done.
              The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


              • Is this another de facto deadline extension or are we just in a holding pattern until Bat gets his comp resurrected on Friday?
                My sanity, my soul, or my life.


                • Fuck you batcountry.

                  I fucking hate your ass and it's past time you got the message

                  WTF is wrong with you anyway? Apparently you can't fix your own damn computer (guess you were stumbling around drunk and fell on it or some shit) so you take it to some piece of shit place where they're gonna charge you out the ass for it and keep it a fucking week? Fuck that. I bet you went to Best Buy, didn't you? lol

                  They probably have to keep it that long just to download your porn collection. Or wait, I got it, maybe you are too helpless to get to the store on your own, and you have to wait for one of your useless, shitty friends to make time to drive down there and pick the goddamn thing up. fuck you

                  also if you could get up off the couch you could start getting some bottles & cans together to try to pay for this shit, cause I can only imagine you are going into some deep fucking debt over this.

                  This is what I think your "life" is like. You wake up at some point in the afternoon because the family dog is pissing on you again, cause you refuse to take care of your fucking pet and let it out in the yard once in awhile. You just leave the toilet lid up so it can drink, and it would still starve except you never put the motherfucking mcdonalds bags away, so it gets whatever is left in the wrapper

                  You lay there and let the dog piss on you. You meant to spend last night coming up with a bunch of bullshit excuses for all the shit you aren't going to do today, but you procrastinated, whoops, so fuck you. Your "brain" is working overtime trying to come up with some believable shit (protip: no one buys it), and it takes you awhile to notice what's going on.

                  If only your whore mother hadn't dropped you as a child, maybe you would've moved out of the way sooner, you know? Fuck. BTW, I had sex with her a few days ago, just to see what five bucks and handful of goddamn fishsticks would buy. I'd give her a 3, on a good day.

                  Anyway your mind isn't working, so you go into meltdown mode. you scream like a little bitch and wave your fat fucking arms in the air, slamming at anything that comes in reach. That may be what happened to the computer if you even owned one in the first place. The dog doesn't even fucking move, just sits there like an asshole & licks himself.

                  after an hour or two you realize what the problem is. you are thirsty.

                  you haven't moved your fat ass to get anything to drink for days so you are dry as hell at this point. you try but you can't get up.

                  you have no choice but to drink the dog piss, and because you're a waste of skin, douchebag tard pile of shit and you probably forgot, I'll remind you, it started out as toilet water, so who knows what the fuck is in it.

                  it's not even good in terms of dog piss. the dog was a syphilitic manwhore before you got it so again, god knows what you are doing to yourself but you pull the blanket & cushions over and suck out as much as your lame ass can stand. you are such a jackoff, jizz-rag mistake of a person that it tires you out & you sleep seven or eight more hours.

                  When you are awake again, some of your fingers are fucking missing. Maybe the dog got an easy meal, maybe they just got tired of dealing with your fat ass and bailed. fuck it.

                  you vomit up what is left of the dog piss and roll off the couch, forgetting you had just fucking vomited there. No one paid the bills since your two-timing camwhore bitch of a mother left your ass months ago, so, no power, but you manage to crawl three feet in the goddamn dark and get the emergency cell phone. its a burner your mom's racist jigaboo crack dealer left but somehow there is texting.

                  You power it up and try to send out your excuses for the day. But you are such an unmotivated lardass that the crawl tired you out, so you only get one off. Apparently that was to this site, so whoop-de-fucking-do, now we get to deal with it. I am so fucking tired of this bullshit. Fuck you.

                  You could've called whatever piece of shit dive you sent the computer to and got them to send you the file, or got someone with a fucking forklift to wheel your ass down to the place with a flash drive. Or just tell them they made a mistake, it doesn't need fixing, and hope maybe they can drop it by, but no.

                  You could even copy subtitles from the beast porn you're probably into and just paste it in, probably be an improvement. Next thing you'll try to lie like the two-faced toerag abortion failure you are and say they lost the computer so the contest is cancelled or some shit, fuck that. I don't fucking believe this.

                  It's the middle of goddamn march. You are a rugmunching, cocksucking, shitfaced dickless weasel of a person with no ability to make it happen and I hate you. It is hard to put that into words but for the love of fucking christ I have tried. Get your ass in gear or set yourself on fire, either way is good. Fuck you.

                  I'm sorry the rest of you had to see that, but that's just the way it is. Fucking hell. If you have anything to add this might be the time so homeboy can see what the fuck is up with this shit.

                  I like to think of myself as a "rape artist." Like, kind of a rapist, but doing it to such an extent that it's actually art. Or maybe it's the other way around.


                  • Threadkiller really should've entered the contest this year.
                    Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


                    • Don't fret. DEP did enter the contest this year.

                      Apropos, since I never got a response to my question, I want to let you all know that I haven't touched my story since announcing it was up on the site. I didn't want to cause more confusion in case some people got started reading this week. It would have been nice to know for sure, though.
                      My sanity, my soul, or my life.


                      • So I in no way have an entry to showcase, but I did read over the ones Ves and DEP wrote and thought they were both pretty good. Kudos, you two.


                        • Sacrifice story is now submitted!

                          Lucky me, all my word documents were deleted! Yay! Luckily nothing important though.

                          So I lost most of my story. My own fault. I was going to attempt to recreate the rooms I lost but I don't care anymore. So about 10 of my rooms are actual part of the story, the rest you will be able to tell I wasn't trying. Hopefully somebody gets a laugh from it. Maybe one day I'll finish the story, but right now I'm a bit sad I lost half my story.

                          Lesson learned though. Always upload your story as soon as you have it.

                          Anyway, I'll give everyone a week to read and rate the stories. Each category out of ten except one category you deem more important and double. Feel free to give me all 1's in everything. I can't wait to hand this contest off to someone else. If Rapist Jeff submitted a story I would of had him automatically win. But alas, I guess I'll do it the fair way.

                          Mail me the ratings on the main site if you could. Next Saturday I will calculate all the scores and proclaim a winner. If I don't get any ratings I will just choose a winner myself.


                          • Hello Every Buddy!

                            I hope you are all enjoying the process of reading and rating these interesting stories. I know I certainly am!

                            I just wanted to make clear one thing that I probably should have put in the notes accompanying my entry, namely: my idea of the "fetus of doom" is not so much a literal fetus as the birth of the young bear cub who is irrationally hated as he comes into the world and must struggle to survive.

                            Just clarifying! Thank you!

                            I hope you will enjoy my rather lyrical addition, which includes a sestina, sonnets, elegy, ode, epic poetry and ballads among other forms!
                            Semper urso


                            • All the stories in just one post.

                              Rover of the Sands - Vesnicie

                              Ballad of the Bear - BearbiPolarBear

                              Men of Science - donteatpoop

                              Sacrifice - BatCountry
                              The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


                              • So... just wanted to check. How is the scoring working out overall and who do we submit said scores to?


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