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    Hey guys. Something weird I noticed...sometimes when I come here I go through the IS front page first (it's fun how that abbreviation makes us looks like terrorists now btw), and once in awhile it seems like there are some kind of scrubby subhumans posting stories there? For some reason? They're not forum members and they might have fleas so I generally try to avoid them, but was just curious what you guys make of their behavior.

    Originally posted by Random Scrub
    You are a Level 3 SHIELD agent (field). You arrive at your job and mark off that you arrived. Then you are extremely surprised to hear that Captain America has been marked a fugitive and to shoot him on sight I guess?

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    This place is never quite as dead as it appears at times. There are usually random people logging in, signing up, adding on or creating new stuff. Just nobody posts on the forums here much.

    I remember even all the way back in 2004-2006 when the old forums were actually easier to access I wondered why we had all these people that were obviously members but never posted on the forums. (including the folks that were actually writing stories).

    Never did figure out why that was the case. One of the older members theorized that it was due to us all being foul mouthed dicks scaring away folks, but if that was the case most of the Internet would have ghost town forums. And anyway, before most of the "colorful" members showed up here, this place wasn't exactly crawling with a lot of forum banter then either. If anything the forums were a bit more lively when we all showed up, but in time it died down again with some folks leaving outright and the rest of us just doing other things.

    For the ones that remain still lurking about and even post on occasion, we're sort of like the Graybeards from Skyrim around here. There's like a handful of us upkeeping the main temple and we all just go about our individual business. And while we know the others are also wandering around this place, we don't speak as much to each other anymore until something important comes up. (or more likely just some random bullshit we feel like sharing)
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        That was...beautiful man. Just beautiful.


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