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    Arrogant alien assholes activate ancient alprazolam amphorae, agitating alcoholic amphetamine army aggressors; altruistic airbenders attack, adding annihilation (always allowed) amongst antagonists: after all ammunition accidentally applied, achromatic ashes adhere, afflicting amorphous artifacts; atonement affirms avaricious asphyxiation attempting ascendance, and adventurous, asocial aspirants ask after ascribed alchemy, adjourning anticlimactic authorship, admitting autotheism, amen.
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    But belligerent believers bearing bungled, bumptious bureaucracy belatedly bemoan better business bylaws, bumping burgeoning Benedictines below bilious, bellicose bullying. Beyond barriers, blessed beadles bewitch bedeviled bankers, balancing ballast beautifully. But betwixt, but between, bears baring behemoth bottoms bathe bashfully beneath basalt buttes, becoming blissfully besotted but barely boorishly boisterous. Behold, believable beasts bellow becomingly, becalmed, belying bloodthirsty beginnings.
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    My sanity, my soul, or my life.


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      Concurrently, creatures collided, caterwauling contrarily, complaining candidly concerning current catastrophes, convening, conniving, conspiring, curtailing chances carrying compromises. Can certain contrariness, calumny, concupiscence, cancel creation? Can cynically crafted carelessness create civilization's corpse? Carrion crows circle, cruelly covering, concealing compassionate charism.
      My sanity, my soul, or my life.


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        Damn! Dark, dinosauric demons devilishly decide Dillon’s demise; daringly Dillon delicately dusts deadly derringer "Delilah", duping dummy doppelgangers desiring Dillon's death. Decisively, daring duelists delve dank dens desiring diamonds. Dickish dolts! Dumb dopes diddle dawdle during Dillon's daring dereliction. Depravity dooms denizens dwelling during demonic divinations. Dashing Dillon's determination delivers despondent dwellers distinctly depraved destinies. Defeat drains draconian despots dolefully. Delightful deer dance during dire destruction, dense. Determinately, Dillion descends diligantly down; disclosed doorways deliver divine direction. Discord diverted.
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          Eleven elephants enter, errantly eulogizing Eucharistic elevation, enslaving elemental eerie elves, enchanting engorged emirs eventually enlisted. Entrancing, elusive Euterpe enraptures ears, easily enlivening electric euphonia. "Enough!" exclaim enraged emirs; elephants evasively enter excuses, exhorting excessive elongation encouraging evangelical envy. Euterpe exits exhausted, emphasizing epithets. Empathetic Earth erupts, extinguishing entire enemy ensemble.
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            Fuck festival! Five fine female fans fellated fifteen fellows for fun. Fucking fifty forlorn fops followed. Frolicking faggot fletchers from Fargo's foggy fields feltched fasting fakirs. Forgetful fapping fighters fisted few fairies. Flipping fire frogs fantastically flicked fruit flies. Finally fishy fascists flogged forty fucktards.
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            Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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              Galumphing gorillas gorgeously gangbanged grotesquely giggling girls. Gore galore! Great gay Grecian gorgons gathered, gawping, graphically grabbing gigolos. Gimps got gumption, grew gonads, gleefully goring garden gnomes. "Gosh golly, giddyup!" gargled gangling Gregory Gargoyle, giving great gallops. Guards garbed galoshes, going glowering, gleaning gruesome guts gale. Grandpa garbled grace, gingerly gnawing glowing glue globs. Greedy gamblers grieved gone greenbacks. God's goofy grin grew gigantic.
              My sanity, my soul, or my life.


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                Originally posted by End Master View Post
                Fuck festival! Five fine female fans fellated fifteen fellows for fun. Fucking fifty forlorn fops followed.

                Originally posted by Vesnic View Post
                Galumphing gorillas gorgeously gangbanged grotesquely giggling girls.

                You guys really need to stop turning me on. I have to attend meetings for Pete's sake. Getting harder to explain myself in group.


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                  Originally posted by BatCountry View Post
                  Getting harder
                  Huh huh, you said "Getter harder"

                  Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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                    Holy heralding hamburgers Hat-Man! Hokey hospitals harbor hellacious hatemongers! Hat-Man has hours hopefully ; heightened hearing helps his humble hate hospital hypothesis. Heroically, Hat-Man hones hot; hearing heinous hobbyists hurting high-heeled hookers.

                    Horrible harassment heartily humbled Hat-Man. He heaved heavy horseshoes hastily, hitting heterogeneous hatemongers. Homicides happened. Heads horrifyingly hurt, Hat-Man hurled. "Hat-Man. Harsh Homicide Harbinger", He heeded. Hat-Man hasted his hegira heretofore heavy heat hit.

                    His hiding hopefully halted harsh heat. He had ham, halibut, horseradish herring heaped haphazardly. His hidden hovel held hard. Heavy-duty heat hastily hunted Hat-Man; he heard hounds howling, helicopters hovering.

                    Hat-Man, horrified, hastened hence. Heightened hounds hightailing, had Hat-Man horribly handy. He huffed, hauling his huge haunches. Hotfooting hadn't helped. Hat-Man hit hard highway; hounds hurdled hedgerows. Hat-Man huddled, hypnotized. Heat had Hat-Man.

                    Haughty heat hurriedly hanged Hat-Man. He hung helplessly, his heroic homicidal habits halted. Hat-Man's household helper, Hank, had hushedly hated Hat-Man. He hummed, hoping Hat-Man's heart had hungry hounds happy .

                    Hank hocked Hat-Man's hallowed "Hee-Haw" hoard. Hash huffing Hank had heavenly humor henceforth.

                    Hat-Man haunted homeless hangouts, heisting harmony. Hyper hobos hacked hands, hoping haunted hellions halt. Hara-kiri helped hysterical hobos.
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                      "It is impossible!" insisted Iphigenia, icily intimating imminent incarceration. "I insist! I incontrovertibly, irretrievably, irrevocably issue inset insults incurred, intended, if it is imaginable, in indubitable ill."

                      "I invoke immunity," interjected Imhotep. "Internment is immensely incorrect. I instead impel..."

                      "It is inherently implied!" interrupted Iphigenia irately.

                      "Illumination is imperative," imparted Imhotep. "Inoculation in illness, ionized isotopes in isometric impulses. It is improvement, isn't it?"

                      "It is illusory invention, infinite inanity, intellectually insipid imbecility".

                      Imhotep ignored Iphigenia.
                      My sanity, my soul, or my life.


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                        Joltin' Joe jumped Jill juicily. Jack's jejune joke: "Jam, jelly, Jesus!" Jaded jailbirds jeopardized Joe's Jill, jealously jettying jeweled jacquard, jesting joylessly. "Jehoshaphat!" jabbered Jack jocundly. Jumping Jesuits jiggered jagged junk, jotting Jack's jingoistic journalism. Joe jazzily jousted, jostling jolly Jack judgmentally. Jill just jaywalked, justly jaded.
                        My sanity, my soul, or my life.


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