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    Sober Chubby? Has this guy gone crazy? Well I think that's what you guys may be in store for after my last little fucking fruitless "binge" - which I'm telling you all really and truly brought me face to face with Satan. That mother fucker is ugly, let me tell you. He looks just like me if that gives you any clue to just HOW ugly. He does have a big black 14" cock, though.

    Anyway, I've run out of chances, I've got no more. I have no choice BUT to get sober. If I go off and act like this anymore I'm gonna be dead or in jail. And they will rape the fuck out of my tight little virgin white ass in jail......or Satan will in Hell with his big black 14iner.

    So this little poem or rant or rap or whatever it is dedicated to the "old" me. Which is like....the me of 4 days ago.

    Your paradoxical intoxicated undebated illogical and depraved statements you've always made as you mentally masturbated locked all alone in your cage is no stage or performance you normie

    You're not eminem

    You bore me

    You're livin in a haters hell

    And you made it yourself

    Think love can save ya

    And it probably will

    But when you're parading down the freeway

    And you're swervin hittin curbs as you play with your cell

    Then its doubtful it will

    And your more faded than a pair of jeans that were made in the 80s

    Thinkin your accord is a mercedez

    You might as well go play with yourself

    Psycho dope fiend who never made it cause your broke and mentally deflated

    Might go choke a little ho and say it was no fault of your own you are so degraded

    Why dont you fight like a man and take on a plan of action

    And make it yourself

    You fake little elf

    God dammit

    Stop speakin and cram it

    Think your the first person

    Dispersin' words on the planet

    To ask why

    And then jam it

    down everyones throats like your

    Some kind of philosophical mammoth of a man

    That can understand it?

    Get off your ass and stand if you can

    Or just ignore every sign and warning

    Glowing bright orange outside your front door

    Like your the exception that broke the mooring

    Holding the boring excitable masses down to the Earth

    You're soaring above all the others your worth is more

    Cause your some kinda of adorable laureate who will never hit 40?

    You immature kid your stuck in your mothers basement free basing it while everyone else is above you and theyre makin it gettin educations in case you didnt notice u have no diplomma you loner own up stop get emaciated and telling people your grown up

    IMPORTANT: I know a lot of you guys are concerned right now and wondering, "Is sober Chubby still a Corprinian primate?"

    Guys, don't worry. Okay? I will ALWAYS be a primate, and a Corprinian at that. I hope that sets your minds at ease.

    There's no reason to stress out about stuff like that. I have never let you down when it comes to THAT.
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    Oh, hey, I've seen you during my voyeuristic archive readings! Welcome back


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