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  • Just me and the bots

    Any humans left alive?

    I check the forum every day because I'm in a PM conversation with someone, but this is just sad y'all.

    Bots are flagged as I notice them, but I've been doing that since the beginning of February and no one has been checking the reports. I imagine they'll eventually overrun this place, but they're at least not posting too often since they're trying to blend in.

    If anyone out there gets this message, please give me the skrrt codes to the protected bzzt moon base where the last of humanity beeep click resides. I am a human just like whirrr you are and I wish to join you.

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    Hey Mizal - I'm still here. Barely. Got me some self-diagnosed corona virus. Thanks for flagging bots. I got rid of them. We may need to go private/invitation of some sort again.


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      Oh dang I thought I was just complaining into the void. I was actually laying a trap here for a bot to respond to me so I could yell at it for several posts.

      And damn, hoping it isn't really corona but I guess there's good reason to stay at home either way right now. Did you manage to get stocked up on tea and chicken soup before the panic buyers cleared out all the stores?



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        I always keep a stocked freezer and pantry. I’ve been eating toilet paper and peanut butter for days now.


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