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A few ideas that I was thinking about

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  • A few ideas that I was thinking about

    The ability to edit a room you made in someone else's story (with owning authors permission). This would be useful for authors who try to co-write a story. I think this used to be a feature if through 'permissions' but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

    It would be cool to have a tutorial story. Like when you sign up there's an option to do a tutorial - might be a good concept for your teachers... "Congrats on signing up and welcome to Infinite-Story. Interactive Fiction Story Engine. Interactive Fiction is this. Here are the FAQs. Here is an introductory story for your to practice on. Read the first page, make a choice and you will soon be asked to add to the story." For this, we could start them out with an ode to the past; the first page of Another Monday Morning and whatever first five rooms, and just have them add a room with a few choices. End with 'congrats! you've added to the story... Do another room or start your own?" Let them do two rooms if they want. I don't know how hard it would be to set that up, but it's an idea for the future.

    A "pro-tips" or "writers resources" section. Perhaps in the FAQ's. Tips to help writers who are new to interactive fiction. This could include general writing advice, how to manage a branching story, how to develop characters, tracking plot lines, keeping your story-paths straight, etc.

    Suggested ratings for stories by the readers. If an older story is unrated (as in maturity rating) the readers should be able to suggest the rating. That way if some idiot posts a super mature story but rates it PG, we can correct that.

    Forum community: It would be cool to have a story discussion category.

    Those are my thoughts anyway.
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    This seems to be a period for a melting pot of work and suggestions, and some of this may still be relevant (especially the first bit, and maybe the tutorial for your school site), so I'm appending my comment here. On the old forum, there was a space for "quotes" etc - a line that went after every post. A signature, that's the word. I don't need that on the forum (if it jars with your aesthetic, I'm on board), but if it's easy and the mood strikes you while you're tweaking the settings at some point, I wouldn't take it amiss.

    EDIT: "New Topics," under "Home," currently sends me to an advanced search result: "Your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict your criteria and try again."
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