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    Originally posted by severenz View Post

    1. Someone reported this earlier this year and I thought I had addressed it and it seemed to be working better for him. Originally it was around 30 minutes but I increased the cookie timeout to 3 hours. Are you still being logged out at 30 minutes?
    I actually did go and set a timer this time, and it logged me out at three hours exactly. BUT, that was three hours from the time I logged in, not three hours from the last activity. So you can be clicking around and having everything working fine, and then (what I've done several times) try to submit a page ten minutes later, but suddenly you're logged out.

    At least it's not thirty minutes every time though, that would be a nightmare.


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      Thanks Mizal for testing. I agree that it should be a timeout from your last activity. I’ll try to get a fix in soon.


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