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Write Permissions not working?

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  • Write Permissions not working?

    Everything seems to be in order, but I'm still having to manually approve their new pages.

    I was intending this story to be a HOID-killer, and depending on being able to turn trusted (suckers) authors loose on it while I did basically nothing. Now I find I have to go through all the trouble of clicking the things other people write for me?? It's like living in a third world country.
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    And speaking of read/write permissions, apparently there's no way to remove them from the My Stories list if some random stranger adds you, or if you've been co authored to a now dead project, or just lose interest.


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      I saw Sev was on earlier so just bumping this. I'm wondering if it was something changed with one of the recent updates, because it really seems like I do remember having permissions to add to stories in the past.

      Anyway, it is sort of frustrating being this restricted in co authoring since I always saw the Allow Submissions bit as one of the more unique things about the site. Also I'm feeling slightly bad because I get the feeling Ninja would've really taken that death row inmate storyline and run with it by now if he didn't have to stop and wait for me to wander in and give the okay on every single page.


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        It would also be nice to have the ability to edit my own submission pages. I don't think I have that option now.


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          I'm not following the reported issues. I haven't touched permissions engine in years. It is true you can not remove a permission granted to you on someone else's story. That's a reasonable request.

          What exactly is the issue or new feature for permissions? Not many people use permissions btw.


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            Maybe I was just misunderstanding how they were intended to be used. But what I'd like to do is be able to give specific trusted users the ability to add their own paths to a story I've started, without having to approve every single page before they can continue it.

            I've got Rift Station set to accept submissions, so of that course that extra step is necessary when it's just random people, but once I add an individual to the write permissions for the story it'd be cool if it tested them like a proper co author the ability to edit their own pages and continue from the choice links they make.


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