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  • More than five links?

    It's annoying that there's only five choices, I don't understand why that's a limit. I wanted the player to be able to ask some characters a bunch of different questions about the world, but it always has to be just a few.

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    I was going to say that with the conditional choices now there are a lot more circumstances where having a 'hub' page with lots of links would be useful.

    But then I saw WB's other post and if there's a bug I suppose that's moot for the moment.

    Unless more than five would be difficult to add I don't see any reason to not have that option though.


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      I can easily change this. The problem is the Edit Room page gets long unless I offer a button to show more choice fields...

      yes, the conditional choices feature warrants having more choices.'

      10 ? 15 ?

      There needs to be a limit, sorry.


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        There are now 10 choices


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          I flagged that exact bot like a month ago, how is it still posting.


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            Boys and girls, I think we're on our own here. You thought the virus was bad, but out leaders have fled and the only survivors will be the robots allowed to live freely among us for some reason.


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              Where is this bot you keep reporting? I do not see any posts from any bots. I keep assuming Sev took care of it.
              The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


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                Oh, there you are.

                He came and took care of them now, but there's been several of their posts just hanging around. They started showing up in the beginning of February. They've actually gotten pretty smart, they don't post too frequently and when they do they carve up and reassemble other posts in the thread and spit them out, so they look like a vaguely on topic ESL person. Then they wait a random amount of time and go back to edit in their links.

                Yes, I've had a lot of time on my hands around here to study their behavior, but what else am I supposed to do, write?


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