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FSC 2 : Robots (take 2)

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  • FSC 2 : Robots (take 2)

    Since everything else is done with, I figured I'd put this back up. Due by the end of 2007, so there shouldnt' be a "i had no time" excuse.

    The theme for the second Forum Story Challenge will be "Robots".

    Stories will be due 12/31/2007 by 11:59pm (EST), after this there will be a poll open for voting for one week. Comments are of course welcome.

    There will be a 1000 word limit strictly enforced by system constraints.

    Write a short story (or fragment of a story) that involves robots. It can be one robot or a thousand robots. They sub-serviant robots, intelligent robots, or child-sex robots. Whatever you are into, use the robot(s) in any way you like, so long as the robot(s) play a major role in the story. Shit, if you write it right, you might not even have to include the presence of the robot.

    Good luck to you all. Post stories, questions, and/or comments here.

    (remember, winner picks theme for FSC3)
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    For sale. Child sex robot. Used.

    “Hey watcha doing there?”
    “Making a child sex robot.”
    “I said I’m making a child sex robot.”
    “I know what you said; I’m just trying to figure out why the fuck you’re doing it.”
    “One must do what one can.”
    “Christ! I never knew you were a pedophile!”
    “Huh? No! It’s not for me you fool! It’s for the Japanese.”
    “Japanese? But don’t you think they’ve made ideal child sex robots by now?”
    “You would think so, but no. I however have managed to perfect what they’ve been trying to work on all these year. Just like we did with their bio-weapons experiments after World War 2! Hah, America rules!”
    “Well of course, but do you really think promoting pedophilia is a good thing?”
    “What the hell do I give a shit? The major Jap corporations are falling all over themselves trying to outbid each other for my design. I’ll be rich. Besides, it’s not really pedophilia, it’s a goddamn robot.”
    “Yeah, but it looks like a child.”
    “Yee…ah but it’s a robot.”
    “But it looks like a child.”
    “But it’s a robot…”
    “Look I don’t have time to debate this with you, I’m on a schedule here, hand me that detachable vibrating pussy over there on the table.”
    “This one?”
    “No, the other one, and that one is an asshole anyway…shit can’t you tell the difference?”
    “Well they look different than the real ones, not to mention they’re on the OUTSIDE of the body… why didn’t you build these into the robot?”
    “Cleaning purposes. If you’re fucking this thing a lot, it’s going to get encrusted with dried cum eventually, so I figure it would be easier to clean if you could take it out.”
    “I guess that makes sense.”
    “Damn right it makes sense…ah snaps in there so perfect that you’d think that it was designed that way…oh wait it was! Okay hand me the asshole.”
    “Here…where the fuck did you get the idea to start doing this anyway?”
    “Meh, I watched Small Wonder a lot when I was a kid…SHIT!”
    “The asshole! I made the opening too fucking tight. I can’t fit it in.”
    “Tee hee!”
    “Shut the fuck up, it’s not funny. I’ll have to complete redo the fucking rectal area. FUCK! The investors will be here tomorrow!”
    “Can’t you just loosen that screw?”
    “What? That’ll never…yeah…wait, that will work. At least for this demonstration model it will. I can fix it properly later. Thanks man.”
    “No problem. So uh… I see you’ve made a little girl model, but what about a little boy model?”
    “Little boy model? What kinda faggot are you?”
    “I’m not! I was just asking since you know there’s pedos that like little boys too. That’s a whole other customer base.”
    “Oh. Yeah, well I thought about that. I drew up some diagrams, and even made a little metallic dick, but I couldn’t get the motors for it working properly so I concentrated on the girl instead. To be quite honest, I felt kinda dirty and creeped out after I did that. Don’t think I’ll be doing it again. Someone else will have to corner that market. I’m not that money hungry.”
    “Well I can’t blame you for that…so uh…about the morality of this…”
    “What about it?”
    “You still don’t think this is really really wrong?”
    “Don’t see how getting paid is wrong. If anything I see myself as a humanitarian.”
    “You heard me. These robots will keep a lot of pedos from molesting real children.”
    “…maybe…but maybe it will encourage them to do it all the more…”
    “How the fuck is it gonna do that? They’re basically gonna have child like fuck toy 24/7 to do whatever sick shit they want to do it.”
    “Yeah, but it’s not the same.”
    “Look this pussy might be artificial, but guarantee I made it feel like a real one…”
    “No, no, no, I don’t mean that. I mean like does smile and laugh like real child?”
    “Of course, I created sub routines for all that.”
    “Does it cry and feel pain?”
    “Cry? Feel pain? It’s a goddamn robot. It can’t feel pain.”
    “Well see there’s your problem. It can’t truly know the anguish of violation when being penetrated for the first time. Or know the confusion of whether it did something wrong or not after the act. Or the misguided trust that it develops through the pedo’s manipulations. All of these things and more, are part of what a child predator gets off on the most. Not just the sex. And I haven’t even mentioned the ones that like to torture or kill. The robot may only be a temporary solution, eventually they’re going to just get frustrated and eventually hurt real kids again.”
    “…Hmmm…you seem to know a lot about this, something you wanna tell me?”
    “Ha ha, don’t worry. I had an uncle in the sex crime department and he used to go on about his cases every Thanksgiving. He sure knew how to make us laugh.”
    “Oh okay then. I suppose you do make some good points, but this shit’s just about a done deal now, so this is going to happen unless the Japanese decide not to go through with it. Hold on that’s my phone, let me get that.”
    “Alright then.”
    “Uh huh. Uh huh. WHAT?! But…but…Alright fine. Yeah and fuck you for wasting my goddamn time!”
    “Something wrong?”
    “Fucking Japs pulled out. One of their shithead citizens apparently got their own model down just they way they wanted, so they aren’t interested in my design anymore. FUCK! I was so close!”
    “Oh, sorry to hear that. Can’t you sell it to another company?”
    “Maybe…ah fuck it, maybe it’s for the best anyway. Not sure if making child sex robots is a good thing to be known for. I guess all that money just made me go nuts there for awhile.”
    “Hey it happens.”
    “So…you want to try her out?”
    “I get the pussy!”
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      Hey someone had to do it. Might as well have been me.
      Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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        Okay so I guess this means I won by default.

        As winner, I am stating that there will be no more contests. I have broken the chains of DEP's monthly contest tyranny cycle for all of you!

        No more pressure or feeling like a completely useless sloth when you fail to write something! Go back to embracing your laziness and doing what you want when you want!

        Be free! Be free!
        Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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          Humbug. Thinking of starting up another contest, Poop?
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