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  • Rogues

    Well I suppose now that these forums are alive again, I need to get around to posting Rogues over here.
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    Partly testing this since I couldn't post at all in the Announcement forum where Sev said the forums were back. (And I remember I could before they went down)

    Looks like everything else is currently working though.
    Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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      That seems like time that could be spent doing more important things, like writing on that succubus story.

      What did putting Eternal up here ever do for you? People do even LESS reading on this site, if that's possible.

      ...but of course if you ever want to write about turning into a tiny bug and being squished, in a sexual way, you know just the place to go to find an audience of thousands.
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        I really do hope the front page is changed so good stories like that will be on top too, but even otherwise it will be good for more people to be exposed to Rogues.


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          I guess I should just say for context: the reception to Eternal here vs on CYS is a big part of what got me to prefer CYS, even at a time the forums over there were repugnant to me on every level of my being.

          Even now, eight years later, there's 12 ratings on the Infinite Story version of the story vs more than 7500 on CYS, with like a half a dozen actual comments here compared to...I don't even know how many over there. Over a thousand at least. You all know how much it bugs me that so few CYS members give feedback on new stories, but the readers here have always taken apathy to a different level. An argument could be made that they don't deserve people spending a lot of time writing them epics if they're not willing to even acknowledge that they read them.


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            I just looked because of what Mizal said to see who had rated Eternal here, and three of Eternal's raters are Cystians.
            These people are infidels.


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              In the past, I used to regularly delete all ratings/comments to leave them at 0. Eventually though, shortly after the time Ground Zero was made I stopped bothering.

              Still, even with doing that, about the only story that lost a bunch of ratings was "Ebay Escapist" and that got upgraded to Tales From the Basement anyway, so the ratings/comments here have always been much more infrequent.

              Anyway, I encourage all CYStians to go rate my stories 10s to obviously right this terrible act of neglect.

              Also on to do list is the need to "fix" Necromancer's images at some point. Probably GZ's too.
              Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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                Originally posted by End Master View Post
                In the past, I used to regularly delete all ratings/comments to leave them at 0.
                That's weird.


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                  Originally posted by mizal View Post

                  That's weird.
                  I guess the look of partly-filled stars isn't very neat.


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                    They didn't always have those stars. They used to just have 1-10. Granted it's still like that when you actually rate.

                    As for the other thing, it was basically my old view that “I really don’t give a fuck about ratings or comments (Especially comments), good or bad, so I’m leaving my stories at blank/zero.”

                    In time I stopped bothering to reset partly out of laziness since even in this graveyard of feedback, I was getting more than my fair share of ratings so I got tired of doing it and just let nature take its course.

                    By the time I got established at CYS, I was getting so many comments and ratings I got used to them.

                    To some minor extent I still subscribe in that very rare belief I was more dedicated to in the past hence why I’ve never got into a big tizz about not getting comments/ratings.

                    Though I know most writers do care about that sort of thing, Ves I know would especially get pissed about people giving out ratings without commenting.

                    Nowadays of course I find some of the bad comments amusing along with now being permanently drunk on worshipful praise so I’m not really inclined to go resetting any of my stories anytime soon.
                    Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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                      I'm glad you don't delete them now too. We'd have to move your main altars elsewhere, and then it's just so out of the way for those just coming up for a day trip.
                      Kind of shows less fucks being given to just leave things be anyway.


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                        Trying to temper my instinctive :REEEEE: reaction at deleting reviews by reminding myself most of them were probably like, one sentence long.

                        I'm really glad the comments on TRASH survived, though:

                        But I think I would have commented on the fact that she liked Green Day.
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                          Does CYS require a login to rate/comment like we do here? If not, then that might be why you get more ratings there. Also, they just might have more readers. Or readers weren't finding your stories as easily. Recent changes might help with that.


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                            Nah, you don't have to log in to rate/comment on stories at CYS. Those are what we call "drive by" guests. You get an equal amount of praising and trolling comments on there overall.

                            The big difference is non-members who rate a story aren't counted as much as an established member of the site.

                            So even if you suddenly get a bunch of random people rating bombing you, it shouldn't make too much of a difference unless you get a really big number of them.
                            Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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                              Unless someone can make a good argument, I don’t want public ratings.


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