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    This app uses machine learning and AI to create the adventure as you play.

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    Yep, he used a bunch of CYS stories (Nearly all of mine) to create it as well. There was a whole thread about it over there and the creator popped up briefly. He's also popped up in the CYS Discord.
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      Oh, it's on Android now. I'll try and mess around with it at some point after I've survived Christmas.


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        That’s crazy the guy didn’t think to ask for permission. Although I will say that if his sample size was large enough it should never be apparent that it was copied. And frankly, adding randomness I think puts him in the clear. Even if someone sued him I don’t think they would win but I did only dabble with the game.


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          After my first choice I start singing a song with questionable lyrics haha.
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            He wasn't using the text directly in a recognizeable way (although some familiar names do appear), but yes there was a lot of unnecessary worry and drama, because no one had any idea how any of it worked because he just never said anything.

            The only major issue turned out to be that he had the full text of the stories in a file on GitHub with the rest of the coding stuff, with a really permissive license, but he removed that when Alex contacted him.

            The game itself I obsessed on a couple of days, but the railroading and lack of consistency got on my nerves once the novelty of making it generate hilarious statements had worn off. There is a definite dream logic/acid trip thing going on which is fascinating at times, but at odds with the stated purpose of the app which is to create stories.

            Ultimately I just went back to Skybreak for my infinite cool text adventure fix.


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