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    Dudes, what's going on? Someone tells me I got into a fight with Chubby last night. It's news to me.

    And, new person, you can tell from looking at the work on the main site that the focus here is the choose-your-own-adventure format. Within that constraint, you can do pretty much anything. Learn from example. Check out a genre that interests you, or look at some of the most popular or highest-rated stories. I think you will find therein the answers to lots of questions you probably have. If, after perusing things thoroughly and maybe doing some of your own work, you still have a specific question, then we might be able to help you.
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      Hey new person; if you legitimately need help with writing something you will need to post some details so that we can help. The vagueness of your initial request is what lead to the insanity of the responses you've recieved so far.

      So post some details and we'll see where we can help, short of writing it for you of course. Assuming you ever log in, that is...
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        If you want help with removing a brain-slug, Killing a Hypno-Toad or writing insane disjointed, retarede stories, I CAN HELP!
        OH FUDGE!


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          Pssh. Fredika and Upikasha are the same person, taking a more personalized approach to spammy site advertisement.
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            Kill them now! I must bathe in the blood of all Spam merchandisers! for more such rants visit me on *Sudenly gagged* MRGGHHGR!!
            OH FUDGE!


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