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    Originally posted by xnull View Post
    I believe we pay tax money so we can watch these political figures sling mud and argue and send people to other countries to get killed. That's the beauty of it. And because we are required to pay for this entertainment, a lot of people get hot heads about it and take it seriously and argue about it! It makes the soap opera government setup that much more entertaining.
    That's BS. There's a lot of brave people fighting for us and I don't find anything ENTERTAINING about it at all. But I'll take it you said this tongue-in-cheek. If you're saying we shouldn't rely on the government to solve our problems, then I'm with you there.

    But I would also argue that a lot of these inventors have actually made life worst in many parts of the planet. I mean, you look at some these remote tribes and everyone is fed and content. You introduce a dose of western 'civilization' and soon enough everyone is on drugs and welfare.

    But I still agree with you. Changes come from within a society. Government is wasteful and ineffective at solving even the most basic problems.

    And I'm the one rooting for Obama. lol. The guy who wants expanded federal power. Here's how I view it though: George Bush was supposed to be this conservative but if anything the size of the government under his reign has ballooned out of control. Republicans say one thing and do another.

    Government just keeps growing. This has been going on since the great depression. There's no going back now, so I might as well root for the guy who wants to reform our criminal justice system and health care.

    He can also string words together and form full sentences that actually make sense in the English language.

    It's fucking EMBARRASSING listening to Bush talk. I'm fucking sick of it. If you're going to be the chief executive of the United States then I think you need to at the very least communicate at a 3rd grade level.

    Bush pisses a lot of people off over a whole host of issues, but this (rather minor) 'issue' has always been MY major quibble. It's like I root for him everytime I hear him talk. It's like, "spit it out, Georgie boy. Spit it out!"

    And on the rare occasion he forms a cognitive thought and communicates it without raping the English language he gets this look on his face. He feel so proud. Inside he's like, "I did it! I actually did it! Yay!"

    Three gold stars, George!

    But really, AIDS is a big deal in Africa and Bush has given a lot of REAL support to the cause. His best one yet is his:

    "Hey you darkies quit humpin' them monkeys" campaign. BRILLIANT!


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      Don't vote for presidents with obscene names (bush, dick, mccain, etc.)


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        Humans taste like pork. Nice with a white wine. All hail HypnoToad!
        OH FUDGE!


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          How did a simple time capsule turn into a political argument? The entropy rate is amazing! O_O
          This is the internet, where men are men, women are men, and twelve year old girls are FBI agents.


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            Time capsual a waste of time. The shadows destroy earth by 2009.
            OH FUDGE!


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