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  • RPG for my little brother

    I started working on a Magic versus Technology RPG for my little brother and got carried away in its creation. This is currently the world map for the game. What does everyone think? The art isn't very good, considering I used paint and I'm inept as an artist, but I figured I've sunk so much work into this thing I might as well show it to some people other than him.

    If anyone is interested perhaps I'll post the rules as well.

    EDIT: I just realized that you cannot read any of the titles or zoom in on it because photobucket is being a bitch. The real map is 2300 by 2400 pixels on paint as a monochrome bitmap. That's roughly 20 x 21 inches.
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    It's an alright map since it gets the job done. It sort of reminds me of the old 1st edition D&D maps that used to come in the game modules.
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      It takes place in Washington State?
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        Heh, I didn't realize that... but it does look like Washington.
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