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Behold! Tales From The Basement!

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  • Behold! Tales From The Basement!

    Okay so it's not that spectacular, but it's finally finished and posted.

    Ebay Escapist (Formerly known as just Ebay) hasn't been changed too much. Just a little bit more background on the protagonist in beginning and some rooms got crunched together,dropped or expanded on to lessen the number "one sentence rooms" that it had.

    The "Your rank is" thing got dropped due to it not really serving any purpose in the story in its current format now.

    Basically its still the same typical random story that it was though.

    Good Girl is the long story of the 3 tales. In fact it probably resembles Geek in terms of length and story structure. There's some odd things going on in this story, but it more or less stays in reality.

    This one took me the longest to write for several reasons so that's probably why it ended up more structured and detailed.

    Anime Addict is the offensive story. It doesn't quite go for excessively cruel humor like AVSIS though. It's probably TRASH level in terms of offensiveness.

    Considering it's making fun a basement dweller's "life", it uses a few "internet memes" (Or internet "jokes") for effect. But I didn't go overboard with them, there's a limit to how much retarded leet speak I'm willing to use in a story or spell words wrong on purpose. ("U RAEPED GURLZ LOLZ!11!!!11" for example isn't going to be found in mass quantities)
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    Would you mind resetting the ratings on that? I don't think it would be fair to leave my e-bay rating/comment on it when I have a lot more to take into consideration now.
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      I would, but unfortunately then I'd have to get rid of Michael's amusing rating of a 1 when he flipped out on me and his comment about him never giving me a 10 on a story as long as he drew breath. Only to give me a 10 on Necromancer months later.

      Donít worry about it DEP, a 7 is alright and I know in your heart youíd give the story a higher score. I donít bother to delete the add/view comments section anymore either so I guess you could leave one there if you like.

      I will probably reset the rating on Quinn though when I get around to redoing that one.
      Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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