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  • Twine?

    I came across this program called Twine a couple years ago (I think I even mentioned it here) but I'm just now attempting a real story. I think last time I played with it for like five minutes and then got distracted by a shiny thing?

    Anyone ever tried it?

    It seems like people mostly use it for writing weird stream of consciousness stuff, but it's meant for CYOAs and is super easy to use.

    It's like, there's a box, and you type "you wake up in a dark room blah blah pokemans harry potter sith lords whatever do you take the [[red pill]] or the [[blue pill]]?"

    Then 'red pill' and 'blue pill' become links to choices and you make boxes for them and continue the story from there.

    I almost want to say...I like it better than using the site? ...but I don't want you guys to get mad at me.

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    It's been a week, where is everybody? Did my thread kill the whole forum?


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      I will probably use this. These branching stories seem to easily get out of control. Thanks for the link!


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