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    Dear lord you impatient rubes! Lets be honest here, no one even thinks about these contests until at least two months before the deadline and I'm being generous with that guesstimate. I've been busy at work and haven't gotten around to posting the thread. I've been just fine tuning exactly what I want to do and I have it to the point where it's ready. Hold your quivering cocks in anticipation for you will have your precious guidelines and theme either tonight or tomorrow.

    Apologies for the delay!


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      Quivering cock in-hand, Batsy.
      The organ is grinding but the monkey won't dance.


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        Originally posted by donteatpoop View Post
        Quivering cock in-hand, Batsy.
        Mine too! Though mine seems sort of soft and spongy in comparison to Poop's magnificent instrument.

        Originally posted by Usoki View Post
        Can you imagine a story by Ves where she's not allowed to use big words or depressing themes?...That would be awful.
        Thanks for the new sig, Mr. Suckme!
        My sanity, my soul, or my life.


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