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  • IWT XI Voting

    (stole this from the last IWT - written up by Usoki, edited by me) Scoring will be on a 1 to 10 scale in these 4 categories:
    Writing Style

    Weigh one category that you think is the most important so it will count for double the points. The weighted category must be the same for all three stories. Doing this brings the point total to 50 points, which is a great number to work with.

    Send your ratings to BatCountry, preferably on the main site. click here to do so.

    The Stories:

    Rover of the Sands - Vesnicie (Fetus of Doom & Cosmic Horror)

    Ballad of the Bear - BearbiPolarBear (Fetus of Doom & Survival)

    Men of Science - donteatpoop (Cosmic Horror & Urban Legends)

    Sacrifice - BatCountry (Ritual Sacrifice & Afterlife Express)

    Extended Category Definitions:

    Plot/Creativity- This one is pretty self-explanatory. How was the plot? Did you understand what was going on? Did you see the ending from a mile away? Have you seen it all before, or did the story offer a new take on things?

    Enjoyment- What did you think of the story? Did you like it? Was it too short? Too linear? Did you keep running into unwritten choices after two or three rooms?

    Writing Style- Formerly the spelling and grammar category, it has been expanded to cover things like pacing, description, and dialogue. Did the story have a huge introduction sequence that dragged on for too long? Did you have a hard time following the plot because nothing was described? Did you get bored reading the story because it was written at a first grade reading level?

    Theme- This category is solely devoted to the over-powered character or characters. What did you think? Were they too under-powered? Were they so overpowered that the story was boring? Did the over-powered character end up with a ridiculous handicap just to keep the story plausible?

    In addition to these numerical ratings, you should provide a critque explaining why you voted the way you did. More is always better. At the very least, you should try and have at least one paragraph. Nobody like that guy who writes one unhelpful sentence and calls it good enough. I can't stop the guy who does that, but I can offer him SCORN.

    You are strongly encouraged to read the entire story, all paths. If you cannot bring yourself to do that- the story is too bad, or too massive- make sure you mention that in your critique.

    Finally, you should select one of the categories and put an asterisks in front of it. This signifies that this particular category was the most important one to your reading experience and will give the power of said category a double vote.

    (hope you don't mind me posting this Batty. if i got anything wrong let me know.)
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    No no this is all good Poopy. I appreciate it actually. I'm just waiting on the Bears votes and then we can end this forsaken contest once and for all. If we are lucky we may have a theme for the next contest by October!


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      Hey. I am hoping to get ratings done in the next couple of days... I would have started earlier, but I wasn't feeling so good and couldn't concentrate.


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