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  • Infinite Writing Tournament 11- Results

    Alright ladies and gentleman, the moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived!

    And the winner of Infinite Writing Tournament 11 is...


    Yes, it looks like I've won again. Scores were a bit different this time around though. Due to the theme being horror, I figured that the author who could inspire the most revulsion among his peers would truly be a master of the horror genre. I calculated this by comments and low scores. Obviously so terror stricken by my dark mind, Ves and Bear in particular left my story with a pit in their stomachs and actual fear. Ves even gave me a negative score! A point of pride I must say. Lets get some quotes...

    Ves-Enjoyment—(-1): This is the first negative score I have ever given a story. However, I think it’s fitting, as I came away from reading your few pages feeling significantly worse in body and soul than I did going in. Your story is repugnant on nearly every level. It’s mean-spirited without cause or skill, its meager humor falls flat at every turn, the absurdly bad style and story development make it next to impossible to read and its reliance on depicting some of the most atrocious acts known to humanity without taking any narrative responsibility for them, is nothing short of sickening.

    Thank you Ves! I am so happy I disgusted you on such a profound level! Any horror aficionado can appreciate what I've done here.

    Bear- Quite honestly speaking, I was very distressed by the degree of evil in your story...But friend, why did you have to write about such horrible things happening to a sweet little girl? My eyes filled with tears! I could BEARly continue. Please refrain from such morbidity in the future! I know there must be better ways to cause a fright!

    I made the sweet Bear cry. The kind bear lamented at the horrible deeds perpetrated in my story. I caused true emotion within my reader. That should prove my point enough of how much a master of horror I truly am.

    Regrets? None. I'd do it again. To an elderly grandmother, to a wheelchair bound child, to a box full of newborn kittens. To inspire true fear you have to spill the blood of the innocent, the undeserving, the weak. I've ushered in a new era of grandiose butchery that shall not be blighted by redemption or salvation!

    Alright fine...You want the true winner of the tournament? The real winner is....


    Here are the scores. I did it a bit differently than Usoki. Everyone had the potential to earn 50 points. We had four judges so the total points possibly earned was 200 points. Here is the breakdown.

    Points Total (Out of 200 possible)

    Bear Bipolar Bear-154.5

    Unweighted scores

    Bear BiPolar Bear-38.625

    Certainly a close one between Ves and DEP. A hearty congrats to you Mr. Poop, I am happy to hand the reigns over to you for the next contest. I'm glad I extended the contest because we got three great stories this year!

    Also; to anyone who was disturbed by my story, I must stress the word context. Like most of you know I lost the entirety of my story save about 10 rooms. The rooms saved weren't part of my final draft of the story. My first draft was the only surviving piece of the story. Literally worked on for two hours. Unedited unrefined and yes, quite terrible. The completed Sacrifice was much much better and cleaned up quite a bit. Those horrifying scenes weren't so bad if my actual endings had been implemented. There would of been a beautiful ship that ferried souls to a wonderful afterlife and the main characters were together happily in paradise. The bad guys would of also received their just desserts.

    So I apologize for submitting an unedited, unfinished abomination. The last thing I wanted to do was extend the contest AGAIN so I could redo everything I lost and edit the first draft. It was my own stupidity in the first place that caused the loss of my documents.

    The only reason I even submitted the story was because I believe I am the only one who actually fears SHAME. In the end, I probably should of accepted the SHAME because what I submitted is a pathetic representation of what I am capable of.

    Anyway, a second congrats to DEP! What do you plan to do with your victory, oh new fearless leader?

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    Congrats DEP.

    Sort of wondering exactly how gruesome/horrible Bat's story was now. Guess I'll go read it.

    EDIT: I have to say, unless you already went back and changed your story around or I missed something, I'm really not seeing any of this horror or mean spiritedness that Ves is talking about.

    I didn't get the impression you were trying to be funny about the daughter getting raped and the wife boiled alive and eaten so I don't think that was meant for "shock value" so much as it was the slavers being themselves and that's only about one page of atrocity if you combine both of those incidents.

    I'm not even seeing rape, pedophilia and torture porn on every page which is what I was expecting if people were getting disturbed by your story.

    If anything I'm disappointed this isn't as bad as I was lead to believe, I probably would've just rated it low more due to the incomplete nature of it more than anything else.
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      Bat was very selective about which of my comments he chose to quote in his post. If we honor IS tradition and post all our comments, however, you'll see the fuller reason for why I thought his story was especially reprehensible, in short that he chose the cheap-n'-easy route over narrative integrity. I don't really feel like continuing to rake Bat over the coals when I already did that quite well in my complete commentary. Yet I always seem to find myself justifying my opinions on this forum, so there it is. I didn't find Bat's story to be anything like "horror". I found it to be horribly written, which is the truly inexcusable sin. Also, and as I likewise told him, I know he can do better, with or without a loss of several pages.

      Anyway, on to more important things. Congratulations, DEP, on a win well deserved. Congratulations on having more than a clue about how characterization and therefore fiction actually work. Thank you for an engrossing and thematically on-point story. Bravo!
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        Don't have to explain yourself Ves. What I quoted of your rating was just for a joke. Just like I took a snippet of Bear's rating. Just a gag for my thread. Mainly for my own amusement. Don't take anything I say so seriously haha. I know my story sucked. It wasn't close to being well written or complete and you rated harshly, but fairly in my opinion.

        Very sorry to disappoint you EndMaster. But someone like you, I'm sure I could write things ten times worse and would have no effect on you. I wouldn't even dare to attempt to scare you. You are a sick mind. Everyone is different, ya know? I think DEP said he pleasured himself while listening to Boy George while he read my story. So...there's that.

        Anyway, we are taking away from the DEP victory party! Where is the man of the hour?! SPEECH! SPEECH!


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          Originally posted by BatCountry View Post
          Don't have to explain yourself Ves. What I quoted of your rating was just for a joke.
          Yes I know that and I was amused by your post. End's post on the other hand... You guys can be so thick sometimes. Haha.

          Anyway, yes, Poopyman, speech please. Make it just like Oscar Wilde's speech at the opening of Lady Windermere's Fan! And wear a pink suit while you're at it.

          I know something you all don't know and really the secret is so delicious I'm just bursting at the seams to tell it but I don't think I shall.
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            Originally posted by Vesnic View Post
            You guys can be so thick sometimes. Haha.

            Yes, I often suffer from the man-skull syndrome. Happens to me often in real life. A girl could be really into me and I can't see it for the life of me. Usually takes some friends to tell me "Do you not realize how into you she is?" I don't think it's just a "I can't tell what females think thing", my gaydar is also wayyy off. I can almost never tell when someone is gay. I thought ChubbyTeletubby was gay for the longest time.

            On another note...Ves, If you got a secret you gotta spill girlfrannn. Sounds really juicy. Super juicy. Dripping. Moist. Soppy. TELLL MEEEEEEEEEE


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              w00t! Thanks for the victory. That was a close one, Vesnic. But anyway, I couldn't have done it without all the little people. That's you guys and gals, by the way... the little people. I am honored to have won.

              Conveniently I already have a theme in mind. Yay. Thanks everyone!
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