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welcome to my hell

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  • welcome to my hell

    Id like to cordially invite you all to my hell

    red carpet
    stained with the blood of your escarpment
    Im all in your sin
    will be my win
    just come to my apartment

    and welcome to my hell
    welcome welcome to my hell bitches
    welcome to my hell
    welcome welcome to my hell snitches

    Welcome to my hell welcome welcome to hell
    wanna be me?
    well your in luck cause im for sell
    this is the hand that was I was dealt

    well fuck the dealer
    I need a potion
    Ive sunk to a new low and my flow is so Poe That Im going emotionless
    She said dont disappoint me with your junkie ass
    I said I cant I am a monkey ass
    Life is a test and I flunked it
    Im a product of my age and my age stunk
    Internet porn and pop music
    Ill stop musing as soon as I conclude that I am through but I am too into you to stop doing what it is I do
    Im assuming you induce this
    can we reach a truce?

    Im attrocious Im going broke and I know this
    why? is the only question
    and I ask it always like an infection of body and mind
    its not a science
    Its a violence
    and im ready to murder anyone who finds this

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    That one really was evil guys and I need to apologize from the bottom of my heart. Im not gonna pull my typical bs and be that tedious punk and delete it though. Its time for me to start accepting responsibility for my actions. I posted it. It was wrong. Im sorry. Ill take responsibility like a man instead of being the childish person who thinks this is all a cartoon.


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      Sometimes it take coming to the edge of insanity to wake up and become sane. I do NOT wanna be this person anymore. Evil is real guy and it isn't fun to see up close. I never actually had until now. It's terrifying. I call other people idiots and pussies, but IM the idiot and the pussy. I act like a child.Im not in a video game. This isn't grand Theft Auto. This is real, and Im fuckin lucky to even be alive today or not in prison. Thank you God up above.


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