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  • Concerning Locke...

    F irst of all, no hard feelings, Locke…

    That being said,

    Locke’s little ‘road trip buddy’ was a Little Shit, in every way imaginable. I haven’t met someone that annoying and disrespectful in a long, long time. He’s one of those spoiled little fags who puts others down…to either make himself feel better about his own chronic masturbation habits and/or his infatuation with small boys.

    Keep in mind, folks, that this was all Locke’s idea. Not mine. His. Let’s backtrack a little, though…

    Locke is taking a precious road trip, which just happens to go right through my quaint little town in little ol' Colorado. He asked if he could hang out, smoke/party/stay the night. I said yes. I'm a hospitable person and I'm not afraid to invite perfect strangers into my home. Mostly because that's how I usually get laid. We've never met, I only know Locke from the forums, where we usually disagree on most issues. So he comes rolling into my duplex around 2 in the afternoon.

    I welcome them both to the city in question and offer them whatever they might need after a long trip. Locke makes use of my shower (I have hot and cold running water…also electricity and internet and a huge network of local crack dealers…it‘s just how I roll), while his friend and I…. “talk”.

    The first thing I noticed about this little shit faced little fuck was that I wanted to strangle the life out of him. His name was ‘Steven’.

    Actually, no. It took me a while to come to that eventual conclusion. He reminded me, right off the bat, of a million other stupid worthless American kids I've met. Lacking many qualities, not the least of which is basic social etiquette.

    Every word that came out of his mouth was derisive - in the worst way. Now, I’m all for derisive comments, but keep in mind I JUST MET THESE PEOPLE OFF THE INTERNET. You’d think he might be a little more tasteful in his approach to dialogue. But no, he just kept on. Whether it be the state of Colorado traffic, the fact that I’m running Windows Vista (which I could almost sympathize with), the fact that I use Bit Torrent, God only knows what else. It literally just went on and on. Some of it was racist, some of it was just stupid and annoying.

    I think he might be a Jew.

    Keep in mind this little fuck doesn’t even have a car that could make the trip to Colorado. He didn’t even seem to be in possession of a phone. He then started condemning my interior decorating style. In every way imaginable, once again.

    But wait, wait. I was actually COOL with this kid, at first. I thought, “Wow, this little fuck has Moxy!” So I played along, and for every insult he hurled at me or my state or my apartment or my whatever I hurled one back.

    Well, by the time Locke was done lathering his glorious naked body in the shower…Steve and I were getting pretty heated with each other. I thought it was all in good fun, but Locke seemed to grow more and more…uneasy.

    Let’s make a stupid story short. I scared both of them off.

    Locke (Tom), you seem to be a pretty cool guy. Your friend is someone who is going to get BOTH of you shot, however. I have been many places and seen many things and your friend is one of the rudest little fucks I’ve ever encountered.

    It’s good you left when you did. I thought maybe his whole “attitude” was part of an act, and I actually liked it. When I found out there was nothing “clever” behind his “act” and he was just a dumb little fucking kid….

    Ya. It’s good you left. And all that shit I was saying about oweing “crack dealers” in the neighborhood was tongue in cheek, dude.
    C’mon! Are you serious? These kids literally bolted. And it was a really awkward parting.

    I was actually offended.

    Meeting people off the internet is a roll of the dice, I know. Tom (locke), as I said, was a likable fellow. He seemed a little awkward, but at least he had manners. He seemed smart. I would have liked to hang out with him for a couple hours and share a couple beers and maybe hike North Cheyenne canyon. I’m sure Locke will have his own side of the story. And I’d be fascinated to hear it.

    I'll tell you this much, Tom. If you show back up at my house with that friend of yours HE'S leaving with a bloody nose.

    EDIT: And if you think I'm joking, PLEASE come back. I have no problem with you whatsoever, Tom. But I will literally rape your friend.
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    And the moral of the story is don't meet people on the internet unless you intend on having sex with them.
    Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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      Well Chubbs, perhaps Locke's friend was jealous that you were getting some of their time. It seems odd that a southern boy wouldn't know how to accept hospitality with a little grace. Maybe he just had a rough upbringing? Anyway, I'm glad it didn't ruin your impression of Locke.

      I've always wondered what it would be like to meet everyone on the forum in one place. End's philosophy on only meeting people he plans to screw makes that image a little more interesting. I have this image of everyone squeezing into Chubby's shower and Chubby jumping on top with a plastic rubber ducky for kinky shower play.


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        Well Ves and Apoth got along.
        And you and me got along.

        The only thing that prevented Chubby and Locke from having hot passionate man on man sex in the shower was Locke's friend.
        Writing: It's more fun than a barrel of Ebola ridden monkeys!


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          Well, you didn't have to go posting in the forum like that; if you want to vent, I've no reason to avoid you. Likewise, though, no hard feelings; you were a great host for the short time I was there. Stephen isn't such a dislikable guy when you know him, but his sense of humor is pretty irreverent, and unfortunately, that's what he uses when he's just met someone and isn't sure what to say.

          I think he did actually buy into the crack dealer joke, though he distrusted you, generally, anyway. It obviously wasn't working out with you two, and I'd have left earlier and less awkwardly, but he was the one with the problem and was either trying to be polite or lacked the guts to say so; when I brought it up openly, you both denied anything was wrong. If I seemed uneasy, it was because he'd mouth things about disliking you and wanting to leave when you weren't looking, and your own feelings were obvious. I'd have liked to have been polite myself in leaving, but unfortunately, that wasn't possible; I was either going to be blunt and make things awkward, or prolong the situation.

          My mooching a shower from you was based on the assumption we'd be hanging out for awhile, possibly in public (after spending the night on the glacier, I was probably pretty rank), and I thought I'd have time to overcome that necessary initial rudeness. I'm sorry it turned out like that.

          I'm in Steamboat for the summer, and my friend came out to stay with me, but decided he was homesick and is flying back within the next several weeks. He's frankly too young to be here and enjoy it, I think; I didn't realize it until recently, but that isn't working out, in general. You've a right to be irritated; I did abuse your hospitality, if unintentionally. As you said, it's a roll of the dice with this sort of thing; they can't all come up sixes.

          End, this makes my second internet-inspired meeting; there's always a chance/risk implicit in talking with someone new, and I believed (still do, actually) that the potential benefits warranted the gamble.
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            Of all the guys on the forum, I've always believed Locke is the most refined gentleman. It can be very hard to mesh different groups of friends. I've totally been there.


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              Well honestly, Locke, I DIDN'T have a problem with your friend for a good long while.

              It started out a little rough, but I got used to his bantering and after awhile I grew to like it. I figured it was just part of his personality or "act" and I didn't mind it. At all.

              It was after you left and I started contemplating things when I started getting really angry.

              I do apologize if I came across as abrasive. But it wasn't just your friends "humor" that got to me. It was the way he complained about every little thing and went on and on about it. He had not ONE possitive thing to say. He also came across as extremely bigoted. I know that I myself told a sort of racist joke, but it wasn't serious. He seemed like a genuine racist.

              YOU were a great guest and a perfect gentleman (except for the way in which you left - just because your friend is a coward and a fool doesn't mean you have to do what he says - YOU'RE the one with the keys and the brain and the set of balls). THAT'S the only thing I'm angry about. I have no problem at all with you using ANY of my facilities. Don't think you "abused" your guest privledges.

              So he didn't trust me? I guess that makes sense? Was it because of the comments I was making? I really, honestly, had no major problem with him. I thought he was annoying, but he could have stayed. I'm a pretty nice guy. But if you're gonna dish out irreverent comments you gotta be willing to take them, in turn.

              Steven is one of the most immature 21 year olds I've met in some time, and THAT'S saying something. I know 19 year olds with more grace than that little bastard.

              Your friend got me so worked up, Locke, that I ended up punching a friend in the face last night. Pretty stupid and immature of me? Ya. The friend, in turn, whooped my ass SOUNDLY. I'm not sure, but I think he said something that set me off (and of course I had been drinking), but I was already pretty worked up because of Stephen's behavior.

              It hurts when I breath, I'm blowing blood out my nose, and I have a fat lip. Is this your fault? No. But I'm getting too old for this shit.
              Especially when you're someone like me, who ISN'T a fighter. Yet for some reason I still pick fights - with people bigger and tougher than me.

              I'm sorry for "threatening" your friend. That was uncalled for. You do need to pick better travelling companions, however. And please do elaborate on why exactly he didn't like me. Did YOU like me? I liked you. lol

              EDIT: The real reason I'm angry, though, is because I at least expected a handjob from this encounter.
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                I still shake my head.
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                  This is why I came back to IS. I knew it was just a matter of going through the logs of conversation-past. Chubby and Locke, both (or either) of you got a home with me whenever and wherever that may be. Cardboard box in NYC? I'll give you the dry spot. Apartment borne of a six figure job at Microsoft/Google? Enjoy the jacuzzi. College funded apartment with no extra bedding? Well, if you are in Rochester, NY any time soon stop by and find out.

                  P.S. No handjobs. Well, I might need the money if I'm living in a cardboard box. We'll talk about it.

                  "The Secret" was right. You were thinking about adding Megaman to your ignore list. And it almost came true! The universe sends you this hyperlink to make your job a lot easier. Click it now.


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                    Originally posted by xnull View Post
                    This is why I came back to IS. I knew it was just a matter of going through the logs of conversation-past. Chubby and Locke, both (or either) of you got a home with me whenever and wherever that may be. Cardboard box in NYC? I'll give you the dry spot. Apartment borne of a six figure job at Microsoft/Google? Enjoy the jacuzzi. College funded apartment with no extra bedding? Well, if you are in Rochester, NY any time soon stop by and find out.

                    P.S. No handjobs. Well, I might need the money if I'm living in a cardboard box. We'll talk about it.
                    It's official.

                    I get the dry spot, dude. I GET THE FUCKING DRY SPOT.

                    And if there is no dry spot - I GET THE SPOT THAT DOESN'T REEK OF PISS. Or the jacuzzi.

                    Tom (Locke) was cool, I guess. We just never got to have a real discussion. I'm really sad it went the way it did. We could have had a pretty great evening (even without the homosexual rape). I honestly had no problem with Tom's friend until his friend made it clear he had a problem with me. Why? I dunno.

                    It's ancient history. Tom would be welcome back anytime.

                    But um, ya. Dry spot, xnull. MINE. Summer. 2027. See you there, xnull. DRY SPOT - NYC - CARDBOARD BOX - JULY - 2027.

                    Be there or be square.


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