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    This story of DEP's doesn't seem to show up where it should when I sort IS stories by "last modified". I'm wondering, is this by design somehow, or is the system glitching on us again? Are there others like this one that don't appear on "last modified"? Also, DEP, you seem to have left that one open for contribution, though it seems like a more personal story intended just for yourself. Which is it?
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    It's not showing up in the public list because it's under 20 rooms. He's probably still working on it and just forgot to set it to hidden.
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      Or he wants us to give it feedback, but it just doesn't have enough rooms yet. That's his NaNoWriMo piece that he linked to, remember?
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        Left it open so it could be read, didn't mark it so that I alone could write it because I forgot to. It's a novel I'm working on. I have one other novel that I just started this week, too.
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