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IWT 13: The Resurrection

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  • End Master
    Oh you'd get SHAMED if you failed to turn something in, but it would just be over here. IS has had its own SHAME pit for quite some time.

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  • TheChef
    Guess I'll impale myself on the spear that is this contest first. And since you know where I live, I'm not falling for those "it's an off-site contest, you won't get truly shamed" shenanigans. There'll be an entry.

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  • End Master
    She can enter as many as she wants. We've had contests here in the past with more than one story entry by a writer.

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  • Bucky
    Mizal will want to know how many stories she can enter.

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  • End Master
    started a topic IWT 13: The Resurrection

    IWT 13: The Resurrection

    Theme: Resurrection

    Deadline: April 12, 11:59 PM

    Okay, we’re going straight to 13 because whatever happened before the great sleep doesn’t matter anymore. We’re moving on because this is Infinite’s RESURRECTION.

    Which is what the theme of this contest is going to be (Resurrection in case you weren’t paying attention)

    So if you want to do a story about a literal resurrection, metaphorical resurrection, pornagorical resurrection, whatever, go ahead. Just make it the main theme.

    As usual the story has to be at least 20 pages since that’s the minimum for it to appear on the reading list. The story also has to be completed. That means no loose ends.

    That’s about it for the standards of the contest, obviously though if you turn in a shitty story, it’s going to be judged as such.

    Since everything is brand new, we’re doing the contests a little different now. Going to actually have at least 3 different judges to judge the stories instead of the old way since it’ll be less clunky and more streamlined than the old way we used to do it here. Plus we’ve got access to more people now.

    Judges will just pick 5 stories, rank them, then PM them to me. If there isn't five, well just still rank whatever we did get for the contest and send them to me.

    Since I’m the one setting this up, I know I’ll have to be a judge. Don’t know who the other two will be yet. Probably won’t even pick them until the deadline gets closer. I got some people in mind, but it’ll depend on if they’re going to be around and such. (And they can't be participants in the contest)

    Anyway, if you intend on joining the contest let it be known here.

    Oh and the SHAME PIT is still a thing. The only difference is here you don’t run the risk of getting banned or losing points or anything else tangible. You just earn the scorn and mockery of others on the site for flaking out.

    Good Luck.


    Contestants So Far

    Poisonmara - DONE (Twice)
    TheMHD - DONE
    ninjapitka - DONE
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