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  • Possible storyline beginnings

    In the efforts of providing "meaningful" (lol) forum discussion here's a bunch of possible storyline beginnings for the Ebay replacement.

    Basement Dweller
    Look at you. You’re pathetic.

    You’re over 18 and still living at home.

    You have no job, no skills, and absolutely no future prospects!

    But why bother pointing all this out? You know all of this already, but still choose to leech off of Mom’s hard earned money.

    You’re a basement dweller.

    Worse, you’re an Anime loving basement dweller. Sure you could drop lower, but you’re already just below the tapeworm as far as social scale is concerned. Even Trekkies rank higher.

    Right now you’ve just received every anime DVD that you could buy with your mom’s stolen credit card. She’ll probably bitch at you later, but you figure you’ve got at least a week before she sobers up enough to find out. Until then, it’s anime time! Tonight is the night that you start your journey to give yourself totally to anime. If you do, you will be forever chained to it…

    However, that doesn’t have to be your fate! There IS still hope for you! Somewhere within you there does exist something human. You COULD resist the anime! Do something else! Anything else!

    Think about it. Is what is on those DVDs really going to be any different from what you’ve seen already? Seriously it’s all the same anyway. Bunch of wide eyed pre-pubescent girls dressed in the latest pedowear while sucking on lollipops and effeminate fags who emo whine about how they’re only half human and finding out that their true love is actually their long lost sibling.

    I mean as much as we all like watching a bisexual half demon commit anal rape on his 12 year old sister every once in awhile, there comes a time where you just gotta say: “What the fuck am I doing? Half of this shit is inane and stupidly childish, and the other half is really fucked up and twisted. And some of it manages to combine the two halves. Two nukes really weren’t enough for that country. I’m going to do something better with my life.”

    So is today that day you sad little freak?

    No! I love being a basement dwelling anime fan!

    Gee, maybe you’re right.

    White Devil Black Heart
    “Mmm yeah!” you say as you thrust into your girlfriend who’s currently on all fours like a farm animal.
    “Ooooo! That feels so good! Don’t stop!” she moans

    You continue to thrust as you grab her big supple tits and rub your hands all over them. She fucking loves it.

    You then start thrusting harder while pulling harshly on her silky blonde hair. You then lick the side of her face and speak in her ear.

    “What’s my fucking name?”
    “Ahhh! Nightshade!”
    “And you fucking love me right?”
    “Yes! Of course! Oww!”
    “SAY IT!”
    “You’re hurting me!”
    “Uhn! I love you! Please! Don’t stop!”
    “Yeah! You like that shit doncha? Take it! Take it ALL!”

    You proceed to wreck that ivory bitch’s pussy until she’s fucking exhausted. When you let go of her hair she collapses on the bed sore, but definitely satisfied.

    “Hey, you better not go to sleep just yet. You still got some work to do.” You say as you remove your strap on.

    Your girlfriend slowly turns around, looks at your crotch and licks her lips.

    “Yeah, get over here and lick THESE lips.”
    “Of course my ebony queen.” She says submissively and crawls over to you where you shove her face into your luscious black hole.

    You feel her tongue doing its work and it feels so good. She eagerly licks and swallows the juices dripping from your wet pussy while you play with your hardened nipples.

    God you love this fucking bitch.

    When you’re finally satisfied, you pick her head up by the hair and shove your tongue in her mouth to give a passionate goodnight kiss before heading off to work. Afterwards once again she collapses back onto the bed completely spent.

    You get off the bed and leave her to her sleep. You’ll be back for more later, but right now you got important business to attend to.

    “SNNNNNN Ahhh! Damn that’s some good shit!” you say after doing a line of coke off the table nearby. You need all the energy you can get, because you’re damn sure going to be killing some dumb ass white boys tonight. Maybe some black ones too, if they don’t watch the fuck out.

    You are Nightshade. Avenger and defender of the proud Nubian race and the scourge of the soulless white race. The MAN has been trying to kill you for years, but while you’re always outnumbered you’re never outgunned.

    The question is where are you going to strike at the white devils tonight?

    Head to the boonies and shoot some rednecks

    Head to the high class district and kill some rich white folks

    The Doctor and the Drifter
    “Hah! Won again! Pay up motherfuckers!” Mel shouted triumphantly slamming his cards on the table.
    “Shit! Hugo, you dang fool! I told ya to not be so fuckin’ obvious!” Jed scolded his brother who just grunted apologetically.
    “Y’all are lucky you’re so incompetent that you can’t even fucking beat me while cheating. Any other people trying to cheat like that would get dealt with real quick!”
    “Yeah well you cleaned us out again Mel. We gotta go. We got some business to take care of tonight.”

    Jed and Hugo got up from the table as Mel collected his money.

    “Yeah, Tina will probably be home soon anyway. Even though she’ll probably be more willin’ the bedroom tonight thanks to my winnings, I still don’t feel like hearing her typical bitching about me having my loser friends over and drinking all night again. She’d be wrong anyway, since y’all ain’t my friends.”
    “Ha ha! Fuck you Mel. I’ll see ya later.” Jed laughed and left with his brother.

    When they got back to their own trailer, Jed started giving orders to Hugo as usual.

    “Alright, most of the shit’s already in the van, just grab that rope and a couple of those hefty trash bags and we can get goin’. Hell, we need some money after losin’ it all to Mel tonight. What? Kill ‘im? Hugo, we went over this before. Ya don’t shit where ya eat! Probably explains why dad wiped your face in it when you were two. Not that it helped. You never did learn that lesson. ‘Sides I like Mel, he’s a good ol’ boy. If him and Tina ever split up though, we will be snatching that hot little piece up and raping the shit outta her. Woowee! What I could do with that ass!”

    Jed and Hugo loaded up the van and double checked their equipment for tonight’s venture. When Jed was satisfied, he started up the van and Hugo turned on the radio.

    “Yeah, nothing like a little Johnny Cash to get me in the mood, I’ll tell ya what. Now look here, we’re gonna get us a couple of dem whores tonight. Nothing fancy.” Jed said driving into the city.

    “Christ this place is a fucking shithole. I remember when this city used to be thriving. Just gets deader everyday. Kinda like its citizens! Ha hah! Okay, Hugo we’re coming up to some nice ones. Turn on that fuckin’ charm.”

    While Jed and Hugo proceeded to carry out their dark deeds, two others were involved in dark deeds of their own.

    The Doctor

    The Drifter
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    Because I just feel like posting all this crap at 5 AM...

    Dysfunctional Family
    You wake up in the garage wearing nothing but your bra and panties, feeling somewhat confused. It’s a feeling you’re not unfamiliar with. You don’t mean to get into situations that result in you passing out and not remembering what you did or WHO you did last night, it just happens. You’re really a good girl (Honest!)

    You currently live in the family garage and spend most of your time there. Despite being a pretty blond with a killer body, fate has conspired against you. Under normal circumstances you could’ve been an actress, model, porn star, or even a high priced hooker, alas all these possibilities and others have escaped your grasp. You’re even considered the black sheep of the family which is pretty bad considering how dysfunctional they all are.

    You’re living proof that not all losers are dorky porn addicted males that have no job and live at home. Losers can also be attractive “free spirited” females that have no job and live at home!

    Anyway, as usual you can’t remember what you did yesterday. Probably something not good.

    Try to find your clothes

    See if there’s any beer left in that can on the ground

    Find out what’s stuck in your ear

    Lay on the couch and watch TV

    Cast of Characters

    Trained for Hell
    Year 0…

    “Is this the one?”
    “Yeah I guess.”
    “What do you mean you guess? It either is or it isn’t.”
    “I dunno I lost the list.”
    “You what? That’s just great. You realize how much we’re going to get our asses chewed out because of your fuck up? I’m sick of paying for your mistakes.”
    “Will you calm down? How the hell are they gonna know anyway? These babies were abandoned by their mothers and are under the care of the Empire. They’re here for the taking.”
    “Yeah, the key word being the Empire. You know we need the proper paper work, which you just fucking lost!”
    “So what, I can forge it. You really worry too much, there’s so much red tape they ain’t gonna know the difference and what does it matter? The Empire’s getting a body for their purposes anyway.”
    “Yeah, but you know how they like the best.”
    ”How the fuck can they really tell at this age? They do all the real testing later. Look he’s got all his limbs, and he doesn’t display any signs of mutation or alien influence. I’d say he’s a prime candidate for whatever they have in store for this poor little bastard.”
    “Yeah I guess…damn. I can’t imagine what it’s like being brought up like that.”
    “Me either, but I’ve heard some fucked up things. It’s supposedly even more intense than regular boot camp or even Special Forces, but I know after they’re done…shit I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of these killing machines. Why do you think they send them to the worst battle fields in the galaxy?”

    The two clerks left the infirmary with you that day where upon you were accepted as the candidate and put into The Program…

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      The rest are much better than the first two, to my way of thinking. "Trained for Hell" sounds more or less similar to your other military stories, but if I had to pick one to read, I'd still pick that one as I much prefer the style to the other kind of fiction you usually write.

      Why "replace" Ebay, though? It's not your best work, granted, but there's no reason to tear it down instead of simply adding a new story.
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        I liked "Basement Dweller" and "The Doctor and the Drifter" the best
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          Yeah, but...isn't there a limit on how many stories you can have? Or is it that there USED to be a limit on how many stories you have?

          Either way, I don't see a problem with an author taking down something he hates. If you really want it, talk to him and see if you can host it for him. Or, you know, just steal it. That worked out really well for Duke.
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          And it's embarrassing when you make any noise at all.


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            There's no limit on the number of stories you can have. There used to be, though.
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              Originally posted by Locke View Post
              The rest are much better than the first two, to my way of thinking. "Trained for Hell" sounds more or less similar to your other military stories, but if I had to pick one to read, I'd still pick that one as I much prefer the style to the other kind of fiction you usually write.

              Why "replace" Ebay, though? It's not your best work, granted, but there's no reason to tear it down instead of simply adding a new story.
              Well they aren't really replacements so much as they're additions. I wasn't really going eliminate Ebay altogether, just rework it into a set of smaller stories.

              Basically this little project is to get me back at writing something since I've been pretty lax about it for months. Ideally I'd be working on Primal, but that's a story I really need to concentrate on and dedicate time to, which I currently can't do as much right now.

              Due to the nature of these other story ideas there isn't as much of a need to worry about whether its up to "standard" or not.

              Ebay and a couple of these other ideas are sort of more on the random/offensive/stupid side, I don’t really see them being all that long (Maybe barely above 20 rooms which don't have the usual amount of text I write per page) and I don’t want to bother dedicating a whole “story” to them so I’m going to put them in a triple/quadruple/quintuple “feature” as it were. So the first page would look something like this:

              *A warning about getting offended, shameless plug of 2 other stories, insults hurled at reader, etc*


              Basement Dweller

              White Devil Black Heart

              Dysfunctional Family

              Might take Doctor and the Drifter & Trained for Hell off this list. Even though those won’t be lengthily either, they might have a little more potential or at least not in the same league to be lumped in with the others. Though I have an idea to do a redoing Quinn too, so I could place those there and make a second grouping.
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                Actually, there are enough stories people have written on this site with it as a theme to make "offensive" a legitimate genre in the pull-down menu. It should happen. Heh.
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                  Yeah.... I think I shoud get back to working on a story... but I have no Idea which one...
                  OH FUDGE!


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                    You never fail to amaze me. As always, though...

                    You know what I have to say. You got one weakness, bro. You already know what it is. I feel like a total bitch even pointing it out.

                    Your work is the best of the best as far as I'm concerned. In quantity and quality.

                    But you still got this one weakness in your writing. You need to work on it, man. You know you do. You got it in you to do DO IT!!

                    Writing is 70% character development and dialogue. The rest is setting and such. The mundane. The mundane is the glue.

                    You know this.

                    That being said. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    You are my favorite writer on the net, man. Consistently. And belive me, you have stiff competition.


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                      Basement Dweller is completed. Turned out to be a little more in depth and longer than I thought it would be.

                      I was thinking about releasing it as it's own seperate story, but ultimately I'm still thinking its one of those pieces that would still work best as part of a compilation.

                      Dunno yet, I'm still pondering it. I'll see how one of the other stories start shaping up.

                      EDIT: Scratch that, better idea.

                      I'm calling this compilation: "Tales From The Basement" with stories about 3 different kinds of basement dwellers.

                      Ebay Escapist (More in-depth rewrite of Ebay)

                      Gamer Girl (Still playing with this idea, total re-haul of Dysfunctional Family though)

                      Anime Asswipe (Which was the original BD story and is finished)

                      There, at last I feel on track with a clearer purpose now. (At least until I change my mind again)
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                        I've been doing some hardcore slacking writing wise, though to be fair I've really been distracted with other things this year.

                        However I'm still on track as no other major changes have been done and I'm slowly getting "Tales From the Basement" finished.

                        I'm writing "The Good Girl" storyline right now and I'm hoping to at least get this all done and posted by September.

                        TFTB isn't going to be some masterpiece but it'll definitely be a good replacement for Ebay.

                        Replacing/Rewriting Quinn will be next on the list I think.

                        EDIT: If Repression is popping up on the top of the newest modified list, it's only because I added a whopping 3 "new" rooms to it. (Actually just 2 since 1 is an old ending just in a different location) I meant to do this a long time ago, since I wrote a few extra choices when I was finalizing the story a couple years ago. They just never made it in. But since I'm reworking old stories, I figure now's a good of time as any to add them.
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