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  • donteatpoop
    More information on Viktor

    Viktor is a man of average height and build, though he is skilled in
    combat, he prefers to use his intelligence to get out of problems if
    necessary. He carries a sword and a pair of custom pistols for
    protection. (Flintlocks) His pistols are currently the few in
    existence as one-handed firearms are still not available on a wide
    scale, usually only reserved for high ranking officials. Viktor tends
    to dress in dark colors as is the custom of most Xolans who have lots
    of contact with things like soot, gunpowder and smoke.

    Viktor tends to be serious minded, but having contact with the Empire,
    Dwarves, and barbarians has allowed him to "fit in" when the need
    arises and as necessary for an Emissary from Xol, though in cases of
    the Empire he still seems a bit standoffish with the ruling class and
    some of the richer merchants. He of course gets along much better with
    the common Empirites when he's dealt with them.

    After he completed his education and recommendations from his
    professors, he proved himself to be a skilled diplomat to Xol when
    dealing with various barbarian tribes. The Xolan can come off as
    "scary" to less developed places, and typically when tribes are
    scared, they attack. This would result in a waste of time and
    resources for the Xolan and a waste of life for the barbarians. Thanks
    to Viktor though, many of the tribes were dealt with in a peaceful
    manner and some joined the Xolan Kingdom, or at the very least they
    could be traded with.

    Other accomplishments was Viktor's trip to the Najord Fiefdoms which
    reinforced trade routes there, and an ongoing good relationship with
    the Dwarves after he fought along side them during a small surprise
    goblin invasion when he was currently there to just discuss
    strengthening their mutual protection pact. Of course this deed caused
    the Dwarves to agree to it.

    After these deeds, it was then decided that he would be best employed
    to deal with the Empire. Past Xolan ambassadors only just barely kept
    the peace, indeed many hated being there in the middle of the
    decadence, and that was mainly due to the fact that they still
    maintained a "Xolan mindset" Viktor however had proven to be versatile
    when he needed to be, so he was dispatched and he gladly accepted the

    Other than dealing with the arrogant Empire ruling class, he quickly
    began his plan he always thought about since his first visit. He began
    to find out through bribery, listening, and exploration where the
    "rebellious" folks of the Empire were. The Underground as it were. It
    was his goal to help, encourage or fund these small but growing
    factions whenever possible. He was reminded of how one Rozlok doesn't
    do any damage, but if thousands can lay waste to a farm. Eventually
    that's what would happen to the Empire.

    He is very careful about these dealings, most often only dealing with
    a single "rep" from such underground resistance movements when
    necessary. While the Empire government doesn't trust him, there is no
    evidence so far that he's been doing anything wrong or damaging.
    Fortunately the Empire is also lazy and corrupt, if it was still half
    as vigilant as it once was, Viktor's activities might be discovered.
    This is one of the few times Viktor appreciates the decadence of the

    The Xolan Kingdom doesn't exactly want to know all the gruesome
    details of what Viktor is doing, just whether it's making some sort of
    headway as far as the big picture is concerned.

    As of late The Xolan Empire has also been opening up talks to
    Grishrak's Horde. Discussions have been non-violent, but not really
    making an impact. Viktor may be called away from the Empire to talk to
    Grishrak. In fact its very likely, but if this can in anyway harm the
    Empire, Viktor will do everything in his power to make sure these
    talks go successfully.

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  • donteatpoop
    "I don't understand why they're all crammed together like a family of
    Rozloks, this city is huge, and there's plenty of room to support the
    entire population and there really isn't a good reason for these
    filthy conditions, it's a breeding ground for disease." Viktor said as
    a rat scuttled past his feet.
    "Because the upper class wouldn't allow that. They don't want these
    commoners living next door to them, yet they don't want to spend the
    money on public works to make life easier for them either, they'd
    rather spend it on foolish things like a gold hat or something."
    "I understand there is always going to be people with more than
    others, but the government can only function like a well oiled machine
    if everyone is doing their part. Don't they realize that this isn't
    good for morale if their own poorer citizens are blatantly disregarded
    and treated this way?"
    "Oh they have ways to appease the masses, see that large circle like
    structure that everyone is going to? That's an arena where the
    government holds bloody games and slaves, prisoners and captured
    monsters all fight to the death. Its sole purpose is to keep the
    population occupied for awhile so they don't dwell on how miserable
    their life is, not to mention rob them of what little money they earn.
    I suppose the commoners get some sort of satisfaction that it isn't
    THEM getting their guts stabbed and pulled out in the arena"
    "But that doesn't even make sense! They're paying to escape reality!"
    "In my experience, the citizens of the Empire wallow in escapism. The
    reasons vary, but none of them are good ones. Look around, you notice
    how many drunks you see passed out in the streets? How about the
    number of harlots? You see that man sniffing the contents of that
    small bag over there? Yet another new form of escape. I recently heard
    about a new addictive drug spreading in the Empire. Looks like its
    spread here. Heard that it's highly addictive and deadly."

    Prostitution wasn't unknown or exactly illegal in the Xolan Kingdom,
    but like other things that could cause potential problems, it was
    regulated by the government. Kingdom
    sanctioned prostitutes mainly serviced miners and workers from the
    factories and considered to be working for the good of the Kingdom.
    Here Viktor saw no such regulation. Spirits and ale existed in the
    Kingdom, but rarely overindulged in to the extent Viktor was seeing
    here. Such drunken revelry on a mass scale would be unheard of before
    Xolan Guards would come to break it up. As for the drug, there wasn't
    anything like that in the Xolan Kingdom and most likely never would
    be. It would be considered a dangerous threat, though it would be
    highly unlikely any right thinking Xolan would take such a drug,
    Viktor certainly wouldn't want to when he saw the wild yet empty like
    state on the face of the addict after inhaling the drug. He looked
    away and shook his head.

    Petrovich noticed that Viktor was now starting to see how truly
    poisonous the Empire was.

    "And just think Viktor, you have just seen a taste of how the Empire
    functions, it is like this all over and in some places even worse."
    "It seems like something should be done, I mean all the Empire seems
    to be is a large parasite draining the world."
    "Hmm, you're talking about a war, and you wouldn't be the first to
    suggest it, however even in its current state, the Empire is much too
    big and powerful for us to handle by ourselves, though the day will
    come Viktor. The day will come when this bloated pig gets carved up.
    With all of its problems, it is inevitable that it will fall and when
    it does, we shall be there to pick up the pieces and properly avenge
    those that died in the village of Nosovalik so many years ago. That
    act of destruction will never EVER be forgotten. Come, you've seen
    enough of this decadent place; let us return back to the Kingdom."

    Soon they were back in the "nice" area of the city of Veno again,
    accept now the things that Viktor saw looked less wondrous to him. Now
    he saw them as most Xolan would, symbols of arrogance and oppression.
    Viktor saw another merchant; a very fat one probably wearing as much
    jewelry as he weighed being carried by four very tired and abused

    "You lazy slaves, move faster! Watch it! Hey! You two, get outta my
    way, I got important business to attend to!"
    "Alright, calm down." Viktor replied which caused the fat merchant's
    eyes to narrow as if he'd never been spoken to in such a manner.
    Petrovich watched closely to see how Viktor would handle this
    "How DARE you speak to me in such a manner…you…you…you're a Xolan aren't you?"
    "Of course!" Viktor said proudly and getting more annoyed.
    "Hmph. Figures you don't know your place. Don't know why they even let
    your type in Empire lands, you barely even trade with us."
    "Maybe that's because you don't have anything worthwhile to trade."
    "Hah! I'd say it's the other way around boy. You lot don't produce
    anything, but smoke up in that little kingdom of yours."
    "And all you're doing is producing is hot air, you could be one of our
    balloons with how fat you are and how you're being held up, the only
    difference is our balloons are much more useful and serve a purpose!"

    Somehow this last remark made one of the slaves laugh even though he
    tried hard not to, this in turn caused him to lose his grip and the
    fat merchant's own weight caused the now unbalanced palanquin to fall
    over and now he was sprawled out on the ground along side his slaves.
    While Petrovich pushed Viktor towards the City gates before anymore
    trouble was caused, the fat merchant cursed everyone around him,
    Viktor, his slaves, and the gawking onlookers.

    There was something very symbolic about this to Viktor. His mere words
    caused the slaves to falter from their subservience for just a moment
    which caused the fall of the fat Empire merchant. It's possible
    something like this could be applied on a grander scale. He remembered
    back to the earlier words of his professor saying how the Empire is
    built upon the backs of slaves, if mass slave revolts occurred it
    would surely cripple the Empire, but why stop at just slaves? If
    enough of the citizens weren't so distracted and spoke out against
    their own corrupt government, anarchy wouldn't be far behind.

    Yes words could be weapons as well and it was at that point that
    Viktor decided he would fight the Empire with words. Get inside its
    bloated belly, explore it all, pin pointing where it was at it
    weakest, strengthen where the dissension already exists, and create
    dissension where it doesn't, all to create a domino effect of total
    collapse and destruction of the Empire.

    His mother told him to "succeed" and he would.

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  • donteatpoop
    Viktor Kaznov

    Viktor was born in the town of Orminsk, not the most prosperous town,
    but better than some in the Kingdom, still Victor's father Ivar wanted
    better for his wife Natalia and Viktor and farming wasn't going to cut
    it. When news that a new factory was going to be built nearby, Ivar
    saw his opportunity to improve his family's life, or at least earn
    enough to send Viktor to a proper school in Xol as he saw that his son
    was a bright boy even at a young age. Ivar believed such talent should
    not be wasted; his son deserved a chance for a better life, perhaps
    with Viktor's intelligence he would grow up to become an inventor for
    the Kingdom.

    So it came to pass Ivar went to work at the factory and Viktor was
    sent to a school in Xol. Sadly after a few years of working in the
    factory an accident occurred as they normally do in such places and
    Ivar was killed. It would've been the end of Viktor's higher education
    had his father not signed a "Death contract" which permitted Xolan
    Necromancers to raise him as a zombie so that he may continue to work
    to support his family (And the Kingdom) in death. Viktor came home
    after hearing the news and said he would quit school, as the Death
    pension wouldn't be enough to support his education and his mother,
    but Natalia would not hear of him quitting school she knew how
    important to her husband that Viktor make something of himself and it
    was important to her too, so she took a job as a barmaid. Viktor's
    mother told him one thing before he left for school again.

    "Remember your father's sacrifice. Remember mine. Succeed."

    Viktor vowed that he would and redoubled his efforts in school.

    Viktor excelled in his classes, and even in the martial training
    requirement. He had a fascination with places outside the Kingdom and
    made every attempt to read more about them, especially about the Great
    Empire to the south. The war with the Empire occurred long before he
    was born, but he'd heard nothing but bad things about the place, so
    unsurprisingly what little he read about it, was also negative, still
    he wondered what it was like to actually be there. To this end he
    sought out one of his professors who had actually traveled to the
    Empire and asked him all he could hoping to get a more balanced

    He did…to an extent. The Professor Petrovich explained that there were
    wondrous things about the Empire such as their art, music, philosophy
    and things of that nature. Most things that were considered frivolous
    in the Kingdom. However, the professor felt the need to reinforce the
    idea that all the things that Viktor heard about the Empire were also
    true. The Empire was a dangerous threat to the Kingdom. Viktor wonder
    about this remark; he couldn't see how the Empire could harm the
    Kingdom especially when he always heard how badly they lost in the war
    against them. Petrovich became even more serious…

    "Viktor, I have traveled to many places of The Empire and while I saw
    wonders I saw much more unnecessary hedonism and tyranny. The Empire
    is a plague on this land, indeed its influence can be felt almost
    everywhere. Its decadence and oppression spreads wherever it plants
    its flag. It is worse than barbarians or monsters; at least they
    merely attack and kill. The Empire chooses to not just attack, but to
    suck the very life from people and continue to use them until it has
    no more need of them. What it cannot assimilate, it conquers, what it
    cannot conquer it destroys completely. It couldn't do the first two to
    us, so what does that leave?"
    "But, aren't we at peace?"
    "Hah, a mere set back for them. Make no mistake, the Empire IS
    powerful, we should never underestimate it and we must be ever
    vigilant to maintain our way of life and our identity. A way of life
    and identity that the Empire hates because it is not their own…but I
    believe my words cannot truly do justice to the place. You have to
    know evil before you can spit in its eye. Would you like to travel to
    the Empire and see it first hand?"

    Viktor didn't need to be asked twice, he jumped at the chance.
    Petrovich still had government friends to set up such a trip and also
    spoke highly of Viktor's academic achievements to them. Of course the
    agreement was that Petrovich had to attend the trip.

    The trip to the Empire was uneventful, but Viktor was overwhelmed just
    to be outside of the Kingdom, he noticed how much nicer the land
    looked, much greener too. Soon they arrived in the Empire port city of
    Veno. Petrovich was familiar with the city and noticed it hadn't
    changed much, so he had little difficulties in getting around to show
    it to Viktor. The first thing Viktor noticed was how much bigger the
    city was than the average Xolan City and he saw things that would've
    never held a place in the Kingdom. Magnificent structures and statues
    made with ornate material, merchants going about their business
    wearing heaps of jewelry, an open stage like area where people were
    speaking to each other and the audience while another played some sort
    of instrument. Petrovich saw the wonder in the Viktor's eyes, he and
    many others that had also visited also felt that wonder for a fleeting
    moment, but only for a moment.

    "Yes, this is the nice area of the city, but there are other parts of
    it to see." Petrovich said.

    Petrovich took Viktor to the slave docks where Empire troops were
    bullying their latest captures which consisted mainly of a group short
    people in chains.

    "Hey those aren't Dwarves are they?"
    "Dwarves? No my boy, I'd wager any Dwarf worth his mettle wouldn't
    allow such a fate befall him. Those are Halflings."
    "Oh yes, I remember reading about them now! Were they at war with the Empire?"
    "Not at all, they were minding their own business, much like we were
    and the Empire just attacked them for their own gain. Except unlike
    us, these poor creatures were unable to defend themselves. Look upon
    this and know that thanks to our way of life, we were strong enough to
    repel the Empire to avoid such a tragedy. You remember those wonderful
    monuments you saw earlier? Who do you think built them? These slaves.
    Most of this Empire is built upon the backs of slaves."
    "Why don't they revolt or something?"
    "The Empire is quite adept at breaking the will of people, oh sure
    there have been a few minor revolts here and there, but those are
    usually a small group of slaves that have planned for their own
    escapes, nothing on such a grand scale that would damage the Empire on
    a permanent basis. And more often than not those escaped slaves are
    caught and made an example of, to discourage further disobedience. It
    gets to the point that the slaves accept their fates and are content
    to live as mere chattel. Madness I know, though you'll see that even
    its own citizens do not fare so well, let's look at where the regular
    commoners live, I suggest you keep alert; the law isn't too enforced
    in such places."

    The second part of this tour involved walking around in the poor area
    of Veno. The first thing Viktor noticed was the crowdedness. It was
    almost like all these people were being stuffed and forced to live in
    this area. Another thing that stuck out was how much dirtier it was
    here than the other parts of the city he visited. Granted the Xolan
    Kingdom struggled with its own pollution problems, but the reasons for
    them were due to the very practical need to produce defenses and other
    things for the Kingdom. This uncleanliness was more due to lack of
    care and apathy; there wasn't a reason for it.

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  • donteatpoop
    Lushnir, Barbarian of the Pure Hills.

    The Pure Hills tribe lives on the small rises leading up to the
    Corillum Mountains, rather near the city of Drevlin. Because of the
    mountains, the tribe has had extremely limited contact with any other
    cultures besides that of the Empire and other nomadic tribes. Allies
    of the Pure Hills are hard to come by; other tribes never stay put for
    long and the Drevliners believe their hills to be cursed and thus
    avoid the area at all costs (in truth, the legends of mass murder and
    suchlike are simple recounts of survivors telling the bloodthirsty
    ways of the tribe).

    The tribe gets its name from its most notable practice: the Pure Hills
    does not have a single ounce of Orc-blood in its people, preferring to
    remain 100% human. This forms the main ethic which guides the ways of
    the Hills, which is to exterminate all barbarian tribes that have a
    good deal of Orc in them. Tribal shamans have taught the children the
    importance of remaining human. Mating with an Orc can hinder the mind
    and body, producing a half-orc child will bring bad luck upon your
    family forever! Any members of the tribe that establish good
    relations with tribes that are a bit Orcish are immediately exiled.

    As a strong majority of tribes have a good deal of Orc-blood in them,
    this has caused slight inbreeding in the tribe, hampering its
    development. Thus, the Pure Hills are less advanced than even some of
    their barbarian counterparts in many ways, although keeping their
    people all-human helps. The Hills have successfully defended their
    homeland from all barbarian invaders, and folklore says that they once
    defeated the people of Drevlin in a short war. Hostilities no longer
    exist between Drevlin and the Hills, however. As previously stated
    they maintain minimal contact.

    Recently, Chief Baruk Fadka died, leaving control of the tribe to his
    older son, Valdifor Sonn Fadka. Lima led a good decade of prosperity
    in the tribe and was very well-liked. He declared war against the
    newest enemy of the Hills as well: Grishrak's Horde. Only recently
    have the tribes been aware of each other's existence, and as soon as
    one heard of the other war began. Grishrak is currently trying to
    unite all barbarian tribes, and the Pure Hills are trying to eliminate
    his people through ethnic cleansing. Currently it is clearly Grishrak
    who is winning the war, he has already conquered three out of the
    seven hills villages. Next on his list is the "capital" town of

    Valdifor died two years after the war with Grishrak began, leaving
    control in the hands of his younger brother Lushnir Red Fadka.
    Lushnir is twenty-five years old, very well educated when compared to
    his barbarian cousins. He wants to bring the Pure Hills, along with
    other tribes, into a new Golden Age and perhaps eventually challenge
    the Empire. But he knows that before he can do that he must defeat
    Grishrak, and perhaps to do that he has to become allies with the city
    of Drevlin. Drevlin has for years been wary of Grishrak's wars and is
    fearful that one day he might attack them.

    Lushnir has tried numerous times to make his people less "barbarian"
    by insituting reforms like agriculture and Empire-like clothing. This
    has made him rather unpopular with his people, but it is working to
    his advantage. Last year the Hills produced a surplus of food despite
    the fact they were at war with Grishrak. They sold this excess food
    to Drevlin, trading it for weapons and a new partner.

    Lushnir's long-term goals are to make his tribe more like the Empire,
    defeat Grishrak, and perhaps even the Empire itself.

    Varro Esteban, Commoner of the Empire

    Varro is a citizen of Luray, the second largest city in the Empire.
    He works for Herno Leulik, a wealthy merchant who is a self-made man.
    Herno sells various artistic works, mosly pottery, and Varro sells
    them on the streets of Luray. When Herno leaves to collect works from
    other cities (he most frequently travels to the capital city with his
    caravan of armored guards) Varro is left to tend to the shop.

    Varro's parents died only three years ago, leaving the then-fourteen
    year old youth on his own in Luray. He knew he needed to quickly find
    a job and so he was employed by Herno.

    One thing that Varro's parents did instill in him was a sense of
    confidence. They told him that just because they were common peasants
    was no reason for them to be trampled on. They were some of the more
    idealistic Lurays. They firmly believed in the power of a republic
    over an empire and secretly wished ill upon the Empire.

    Varro never lost this hatred toward the imperialistic ways. He
    resents everything to do with Timus, and has recently joined the
    Underground Resistance. The UR is a covert group of those dedicated
    to overthrow the Empire, centered in Luray with an arm in every major
    city of the Empire. They are set in their stance, but have not yet
    taken up open arms. Plans to do so in the near future are assured.

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  • donteatpoop


    A former military man, now retired and in his early 50's. He is
    generally located in the capital city, chilling out and telling bawdy
    jokes at one of several taverns. Though a very laid back man, he is
    not one to be trifled with.

    To the public he is a man deserving of much respect, quick to laugh at
    a joke, but slow to turn complex things over in his mind. "Thick of
    arm, thick of head" they say of him in jest, much to his deep laughter
    and amusement. He doesn't mind being the butt of a joke or two, so
    long as the puns are passed around and not completely focused on him.
    He is even tempered and will generally give a warning before he flips
    out and starts kicking ass; such as "Alright, you're really starting
    to piss me off."

    To the empire he is undercover seeking out conspiracies against the
    empire and squelching them before they begin. He is sometimes sent on
    missions to other cities as an emissary and is one of the key
    negotiators/ambassadors with Xolan. His sharp mind, masked by his
    pleasant and seemingly unintelligent demeanor, makes him an excellent

    He stands a few inches over six feet and is a barrel chested warrior.
    His age leads others to assume that his reflexes are slow, but this is
    not the case. His battle instincts are just as sharp now as they were
    in his prime.

    Emperor Timus

    Emperor Timus was born in the year of the moon and his nearing his
    52nd day of birth. His once black hair has turned to grey and is kept
    cropped close to his head. He is of average hieght and weight, not
    quite muscular, not quite fat.

    His uncle Deosis, the previous Emperor who bestowed rights to rule
    onto him, was nothing short of insane. The twelve years that Deosis
    ruled were a dozen years of chaos and disorder.

    It was Timus who stopped the war with the kingdom of Xolan upon the
    death of his uncle. There is still speculation as to whether he played
    a hand in the death of Deosis, but everyone agrees that whether he did
    or not is irrelevant; it needed to happen and the empire is better off
    for it.

    Timus started his rule nearly twenty years ago. He is burdened by the
    stress of the falling empire and often feels helpless in his attempts
    to restore it to it's former glory. He is often melancholy and it is
    apparent that he is a dark and sorrow filled man, thus is the burden
    of trying to hold a crumbling empire together.

    He has become less and less commonly present in the eye of the public,
    all but confirming speculation that his mind is suffering from the
    same instability as his late uncle. It is said that he no longer makes
    decisions for himself, but trusts a secret council of men to make
    decisions for the empire. It is said that he is just a figure head

    The question, really, is who are these members of the secret council,
    and what are their intentions?


    Little is truly known about Morlock. The following is a list of what is known;

    Morlock is an extremely slender man with black hair. He is said to be
    well over 500 years of age, and is human. He is a known wizard,
    thought to be a necromancer.

    The public is not aware of him, but many in the circles of magic are
    familiar. He is considered by many the greatest expert on necromancy
    who has ever lived. It is also agreed among the mages that he is a
    lich, someone who has extended their lives through use of the dark
    magic. He is also considered a major threat to public.

    Morlock is a minor character, but his presence should often play an
    important role. He is engineering events from behind the scenes and
    considers himself a puppet master, pulling at the strings of the
    entire empire.

    He is one of the members of the Emperor's secret council, and has
    influence on many other important people within the empire.

    Dhomas (AKA: Lady Death)

    Dhomas is a high profile assassin for the empire, or so the empire
    would believe. Truth be told, the empire just so happens to be paying
    her the best price. Her loyalty sways with the promises of wealth.

    She is a short and slender woman aged in her mid twenties. She is a
    most deadly assassin, moving silently from place to place and
    appearing from shadows as though they are a portal through which she
    steps. She hold no magical abilities, but is of the utmost physical
    fitness and is nothing less than deadly in battle.

    There is a bit of a legend about her, and many a bard has told tales
    of terror about her. It is said that she is a demon. She has died
    countless times, but always returns to life.

    - Feel free to kill this character off, just make sure she comes
    across as badass before doing so. She will only come back to life
    after all. Exactly how she returns from the dead is a mystery and is
    intended to remain as such.

    The Bard

    Name: Usoki of Mirr (Yes, it does sound conceited, but I created
    this character long before I chose Usoki as my favorite username.)

    Race: Elven

    Gender: Male

    Age: The elven equivolent of his mid-twenties. (137, perhaps?)

    Appearance: Usoki is rather tall for an elf, meaning he can look
    shorter humans straight in the eye. This is one of many reasons Usoki
    is generally seen as an outcast among elves. He has blonde hair, and
    blue eyes. He dresses himself in silk tunics, all of which are
    varying shades of blue or green.

    Personality: Usoki is a dreamer, and his eyes are almost always
    unfocused. Even when he's singing and playing his trusty mahogany
    madolin, people get the sense that he doesn't have any idea what's
    going on. However, he is rather intelligent, and will often slip
    vital information to adventurers. He could just go out and tell
    them...but that's not as fun. He prefers to see whether or not they
    are paying attention.

    Biography: Usoki is the second child in a family of long lineage. As
    such, severe amounts of cultural training was given to him at an early
    age. Although his fancies turned more toward adventuring, these dreams
    were squashed by his parents. He was taught proper things, like
    ballroom dancing. His only relief from his noble upbringing was his
    self-taught skills in archery and druid magic, limited as these skills
    are. To this day, Usoki deeply resents being of noble blood, and will
    fiercely deny this fact.
    As Usoki began to adjust to life outside of his sheltered upbringing,
    he quickly found out his pampered childhood left him worthless in the
    arts of combat. Unable to go adventuring, Usoki became a bard. He sits
    under trees, singing songs of the heroic adventures he cannot

    The Druid

    Name: Kyramus, nicknamed "Kyr"

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Kyr is a lanky young man with brown hair, brown eyes, and
    a goatee. His mouth is almost always grinning, which is set off by
    his deep-set dimples. He has a rather large nose, which looks even
    more pig-like because his nostrils are wide, and the tip of his nose
    faces upward. When you consider his nose along with his squinty eyes
    and pale skin, he gives off the appearance of having just ran into a

    Personality: Kyr is the epitomy of the know-it-all. Unfortunately,
    he seldom does. Nevertheless, he feels obligated to inform people of
    his opinions. In addition, he informs them of what he thinks about
    their ideas, what he thinks of them, just how he is feeling...and just
    about any other thought that enters his mind. It's a good thing he's
    outgoing and jovial, or he'd be really annoying. Oh, wait. He is
    annoying. Nevermind.

    The Illusionist

    Name: Alythia

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Appearance: Alythia has long black hair, and blue eyes. She has a
    sleek and slender build, over which she drapes brightly dyed robes.
    She seldom bothers with her appearance, simply because she doesn't
    have to. In particular, her loose robes, which are scaresly draped
    over her, make you want to reach over and pull them into place. Or,
    perhaps, pull them off entirely...

    Personality: Alythia is excellent at faking emotions, particularly
    seduction. Her illusion magics accent her abilities of deception.
    Whenever a plan calls for a distraction, she's usually it. However,
    she is also a spoiled brat, and insists on being pampered. She
    insists that someone else carries her pack (which is overflowing with
    luxuries most adventurers don't even bother to pack), and she refuses
    to travel to Xol, which she insists is the dirtiest place in the whole

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  • donteatpoop
    All that being said, nothing is being done to address this rising problem. Irysopolis-by-the-Sea is the main port of entry for this drug, and incidentally has one of the highest rates of drug use in the Empire at this time.

    1) City of Luray, #2 in size of the Empire (only slightly larger than Irysopolis, still dwarfed by the capital city which we should probably name).

    Luray is located between Drevlin and the capital, about equidistant from both cities. However, by no means is Luray simply a "suburb" of the capital. It is entirely self-sufficient as it controls the trade routes from the Endless Plains (more on that later).

    Luray is a center for learning and progressive thoughts. While it is true very few members of the Nochima Sect reside in Luray, if any are present at all, many merchants and artists make a living in the city and carry a middle-class attitude. For this Luray is quite unique in its government stylings. Locally, as Luray still has to answer to the Emperor (much to the displeasure of its citizens), Luray has taken the opportunity to establish a republican government. Elected officials make decisions for the city. Most decisions made, however, are simple economic squabbles. Much of the city would like either more control over Luray's military or perhaps even total separation from the Empire, though that belief is a radical one. Many democratic thinkers in the city would also like to see Timus surrender all his power to a Senatorial body.

    Currently, the Prime Minister of Luray is Lord Duchay. He rules justly from his executive position and has never tried to take too much power from the Senate. He is much adored by the populace.

    2) The Endless Plains-

    The Endless Plains are on the east side of the Empire, thus placing them as far away from Xolan as possible (I'm making Xolan to the West). The plains are interminable, hence their name. The soil is quite fertile, producing a bounty of food that the Empire reaps for itself through the middlemen of merchants.

    The people of the Endless Plains are not at all organized. Their villages are not even villages; the whole society is built upon family. Everything is for family and nothing else matters. This has caused the people of the Plains to be exploited by merchants of the Empire many times, giving them enormous amounts of food and goods for a few technologies. One can only think of what the Plains people would give to have something from the Xolan lands.

    The main goods exported from the Endless Plains are grains, rice, and cloth.

    3) Tribe of the Pure Hills

    Another barbarian tribe. Near Drevlin, right near the Corillum Mountains (they are why the mountains are thought to be cursed). The main thing with these guys are that they hate how some barbarian tribes are part-Orcish. They're 100% human. Currently led by Lushnir (he'll be one of my characters). They are fighting Grishrak's tribe and will probably lose unless something special happens.

    (that's everything I could find. I e-mailed a copy of the characters to everyone, if you need one just message me. this is still an open invite to all, if anyone wants in just post in here)

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  • donteatpoop
    The Archipelago

    Once again, we’re going to stray away from the complexities of Irysopolis and again discuss the Archipelago, as the two are vitally interconnected in more ways than one.

    The largest island of the archipelago, and incidentally the one most extensively ‘colonized’ by the Empire, is Aquatonia. This fertile island is dominated by a large though dormant volcano called Mt. Valatha, which rises an astonishing 14,000 feet into the heavens. The largest (and practically only) city is Helaulavar, which lies on the north end of the island and boasts a respectable port, a military barracks, fortifications, a university, a governor’s palace, and even it’s own Arena (which isn’t anything to get too excited over, admittedly).

    The island’s demographics are lopsided, with the population being roughly that of 80% slaves and only 20% freedmen.

    Aquatonia has an extensive agriculture system, with huge, sprawling plantations covering nearly every acre of available farmland. Using slave labor, sugar, tobacco, spices, and other commodities that are in high demand back in the north are grown on these plantations.

    Wildlife on the island is very exotic. A mischievous and astonishingly intelligent breed of winged monkeys called Mongbats live in the island’s upland forests. The animals are a thorn in the side of many a plantation owner, as they are witty and crafty with tools, and organized when in large numbers. They will often raid plantation under the cover of night, wreaking havoc and stealing food or just causing general mischief for the hell of it.

    Recently, back in the north, the popularity of keeping Mongbats as pets among the upperclass has exploded. They are something of a novelty item, and their adorable (though admittedly devious) antics are what endear them to many a spoiled rotten child.

    Within Mt. Valatha the azure-scaled drake Katazar slumbers. This dragon is not a lingwyrm (lesser drake), but one of a more ancient variety. It is rumored that the hoard he has amassed is worth more than the entire treasure trove of the Emperor himself.

    Only once has Katazar arose from his fitful slumber, some fifty years ago. He descended upon Helaulavar in the dead of night and stole for himself a single virgin, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, consumed her, and then proceeded to fly back to his mountain lair - his appetite satiated. It is a mystery as to why he does not eat more often or make more appearances, but no one on the island is complaining.

    Another mystery is the way his dreams affect those living under the shadow of the mountain. Those who dare dwell anywhere near it’s vicinity report having horrific nightmares on an almost nightly basis. Indeed, it has driven more than a few people mad. Luckily, the sphere of the sleeping wyrm’s influence is a relatively small area directly below the volcano, and nowhere else.

    A more sinister product of not just Aquatonia but the entire Archipelago is a powdered substance called Oberon’s Ambrosia, which is derived from a flowering plant that grows in the jungles and swamps. This powerful narcotic has taken on a new popularity over the last fifty years, and is now reaching epidemic proportions in the Empire. It is highly addictive and can also be fatal if partaken in large doses.

    The powder is usually snorted. The user then feels a profound sense of euphoria that lasts anywhere from 10-20 minutes. The problem is, once the high dissipates they’re left wanting more.

    It is estimated at this time that roughly 10% of the Empire’s population is hooked on this potent substance. These are alarming figures. There are some who say it is more like 50-60% among the lower classes and slave populations in certain areas.

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  • donteatpoop
    Now back to Irysopolis...

    Like any respectable city in the Empire, Irysopolis boasts an enormous Arena which is used to host many a bloody spectacle to keep the lowly common folk appeased and the elite upperclass entertained.

    Irsysopolis’s Arena, however, is something special. While not as large as it’s counterpart in the behemoth capital city of the Empire, the Arena in Irysopolis has some unique features that are not to be found anywhere else in the world. One of these, namely, is due to the fact that it was constructed near the waterfront which allowed an elaborate aqueduct to be constructed, which carries water directly from the harbor and into the Arena where it can then be flooded.

    Great sea battles are then reenacted. Ships of all shapes and sizes are brought in. Sea serpents, whales, and giant squid are wantonly slaughtered for the amusement of the bloodthirsty masses. Sadly, countless thousands upon thousands of men and women die in the Arena each year as well.

    There have been other negative consequences due in large part to the “games”. Griffins, bears, lions, and wolves, which were once abundant in the cypress forests north of the city, are now nearing the verge of extinction because of the high demand placed on their numbers.

    In recent years, hunters have been forced to search further and further to find even the most substantial amount of creatures to use in the “games”.

    Elves, who once kept to themselves in the hills above the forests, living a life of seclusion in the trees - drinking wine and generally carrying on like that - have now began to put up armed resistance to those they encounter in the forests.

    The Emperor, who has long ignored the elves and viewed them as harmless savages who were not worth his time, has sent emissaries to warn them of such insolent actions. None of the emissaries have returned alive.

    Another thriving industry in Irysopolis is the slave trade. Small, diminutive humanoids called halflings make up roughly 50% of this workforce, the other 50% are made up of a variety of different races, some human, others not. Most who are human, however, are usually from an invaded territory that offered resistence instead of submitting to the will of the Empire.

    The life of a slave is a harsh one, but even among slaves there is a social hierarchy, and some slaves have it better than others.

    The harbor of Irysopols, one of the best defended harbors in the world, is cluttered to the brink with merchant and war vessels alike. It is an awe an inspiring site for the uninitiated traveler.

    Recently, however, there was a troubling occurrence in these ‘safe waters’, and the entire city is a buzz with rumors. A strange submersible vessel, crafted entirely out of some unknown metal, infiltrated the harbor and emerged from the waters for a brief instant. Then, in a horrific turn of events, it opened fire with a single cannon mounted on it’s frame, sinking the flagship of the Empire’s navy.

    Then, just as quickly, it disappeared back into the murky depth of the waters and was never seen again.

    Many believe it was the work of the Xolan Kingdom. Others claim it was some sort of strange artifact sent from the Archipelago.

    What is certain is this: Irysopolis is not the impenetrable fortress that many once thought she was!

    As of yet UnconfirmedAlso, perhaps there is a strange new "cult" that was at one time persecuted but is now gaining in popularity and ferver, especially among some of the higher ups (kind of like christianity - but not. you know what I mean)

    This could be another division in the empire, just another element of civil strife. The empire is eroding from without and within, civil war threatens it alongside war from outsiders.

    Perhaps the cult is a radical new belief that holds that the blood-thirsty, corrupt, bickering gods of the old order are false and instead is a more earth-centered, naturalistic, philosophical worldview that worships nature.

    List of creatures/races nearby: I gotta work on this. Usoki, you submitted a brief list, right? I’d be glad to use some/most of those if only I know what they are. If you can provide brief one or two sentence descriptions of them, or at least the one’s you want to use, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, I’ll work something out, but it’s going to take some time to compile this list.

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  • donteatpoop
    The Nochima Sect

    The Nochima Sect is a small group of people who believe in one of the more controversial theories of magic. The planes of reality and magic are usually thought to be parallel, but separate. The idea of Nochimanism is that, if these separate planes were to be punctured and fused together at one point, it would create a nexus point of unlimited power. Most magical researchers argue that this would alter reality in unpredictable ways, but Nochimanists argue that, since the realities are parallel, they can be conjoined with no harm. In order to attempt to achieve this feat, they cast powerful magics in one spot, in the hope that the repeated presence of magic in one spot would create a nexus point. While the Nochima Sect is not necessarily evil, the magic used must be powerful in nature, meaning that that most of its few members are, in fact, necromancers. Despite their small numbers, the Nochima Sect does not take apprentices.

    Irysopolis-by-the-Sea, largest of the Empire’s seaports and third largest city overall.

    Located where the Sea of Storms meets the continent in a dramatic upheaval of cliffs and crashing waves, Irysopolis is a thriving metropolis of nearly one million souls, a veritable melting pot of the cultures assimilated by the Empire, and a center of trade for hundreds upon hundreds of miles around. Situated in a large, protected harbor on the southern coast of the continent, it boasts a temperate climate nearly all year round with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

    It is especially known for it’s lax stance on the importation of raw goods, as overseen by the port-master (or customsman), a man by the name of Nargis the Opulent, who is the most powerful man in the city (and perhaps one of the most powerful men in the empire - so powerful, in fact, that even the improvident Prince Karo fears and envies him, though they both maintain an outwardly cordial relationship). In other words, Irysopolis’s black market is the hub for legal and illegal trade on the southern seaboard of the Empire.

    Prince Karo, a young man of only 19 years, was recently thrust into a position of power in Irysopolis after the assassination of his father, King Gilder. Gilder was an apt and capable leader, one of the few left in the Empire in these turbulent times, and his death has been seen as an omen of bad tidings. Karo, on the other hand, is a dispassionate leader who is more concerned about the latest fashions than taking on his rightful role.

    The ‘monarchy’ in Irysopolis is really a puppet regime of the emperor, of course, kept intact only because of Irysopolis’s long standing alliance with the Empire, even before it became assimilated into it over 500 years ago.

    A few hundred miles south of the city, through waters plagued with rogue storms, pirates, and sea serpents, lies the Archipelago, a string of volcanic islands that number into the hundreds and are rich in natural resources. Pearls, spices, gems, rare and exotic birds and animals, etc. all make there way back to the empire via Irysopolis. The islands are a lush, tropical paradise of sorts, but they are also fraught with danger, disease, and intrigue.

    There are only a handful of settlements on the islands, and more oft than not the settlements that one does encounter are the domain of brigands and buccaneers.

    The indigenous people of the archipelago perished long, long ago. No one knows why, but they left behind some magnificent monuments to their vanished civilization. Huge, monolithic towers can be found on nearly every island, like silent sentinels of a bygone era. How these structures were built is a mystery. Some say that giants lived there, still others say it was done by magic. And there is some validity to the latter argument.

    Out of the archipelago have come some of the most powerful magical artifacts ever discovered, and there is a thriving trade bringing them back to the empire - via Irysopolis, of course. Many of these artifacts, in fact most of them, turn out to be hoaxes, others true potential are never discovered.

    Before we continue our discussion on Irysopolis, let us first go over the very core of the Empire’s “power structure”, as it stands today.

    The Emperor stands at the top of the administrative system. He serves as military commander in chief, high priest, court of appeal, and source of law. All this power is intensely personal: Soldiers swear their oath to the emperor, not to a constitution or a flag. Personal ties of patronage, friendship, and marriage had at one time bound together society, but during the Empire’s domain the emperor has become the Universal Patron.

    The emperors have taken over the political and legislative power of countless kingdoms and city-states, but they need the help of some of these Kings and Princelings who have experience in diplomacy, government, and military command. Since the emperor designates candidates for all government positions, these men (and even some women) have no other access to high office except through loyal service. A shrewd emperor can turn “local” pride and loyalty to the advantage of the Empire. By simply allowing the “King of Irysopolis” to wear a broad purple stripe on his robes, for example, the emperor marked him as Ruler of the Sea of Storms and added to his prestige among his own people.

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  • donteatpoop
    Society and Culture

    The Xolan are a serious minded people and while they did come to power through the help of old Dwarf inventions since that time they have made improvements and created their own designs in every effort to “make it their own”. As a general rule the Xolan are accepting of most races provide that they aren’t trying to kill or eat them. Though of course they still harbor suspicion in elves (Another reason why Dwarves are fond of the Xolan) Villages and Towns are usually simple and have only what the people need though walls of some sort are always erected around them. Cities resemble small fortresses rather than cities. (Especially the capital) Slavery has never been institutionalized in the Kingdom mainly due to their “do it yourself” outlook on life, plus it seemed much more costly to keep slaves and a risk to security. (And after visiting the Empire, their position on it has only been reinforced)

    Things like art, music and other humanities are not actively pursued on a large level; even the King’s palace isn’t very ornate looking. Not that they aren’t creative, the Xolan just see little reason to decorate things with jewels or pave them in gold. Precious gems and metals are meant for trading not to uselessly wallow in one’s own opulence. The closest the Xolan have to “art” are their inventions. Architecture is valued, but only so it functions, not so it looks “nice”. The Xolan would rather have an ugly looking building that never falls than a nice one that will collapse at the slightest touch. Arguing over philosophical things like “If a tree falls down in the woods, what color is it?” is just the height of pointlessness to the Xolan, they’d much rather argue over more important things like “If I put this much gun powder in the cannon will I still kill the enemy without blowing myself up?” History is still important to them though and they try to keep records of ever important event that goes on in the Kingdom. Most books are dedicated to more practical subjects, but some fiction exists. Usually these involve tales of dedication and self-sacrifice for the greater good of the Xolan Kingdom. Learning about one’s enemies and how they think is a worthwhile endeavor, so strategy and tactics always rank highly, because of this, some “games” have been created to fuel this interest. (But mainly for learning rather than entertainment purposes)

    The Xolan seem like joyless people to most, but that actually isn’t true, they just experience joy in simpler pleasures. Indeed with the coming of the Empire they’ve seen what overindulgence can do to a civilization, and they vow to never become like them.


    A new religion/cult, gaining power from within. (If anyone wants to take this, we will need details)

    Internal Power Struggles (No real details necessary, but this is open to discussion)

    Cities/Histories within the empire:

    The City of Drevlin

    The problem with any city near the Corillum Mountains is that the crests of the mountains are believed to have been cursed long ago. Any village located on the mountains is said to be plagued by evil. The City of Drevlin, like most northern cities, exists solely underground. However, there is only so much room under the Corillum Mountains. Real Estate in Drevlin is highly expensive, and traffic flow was a severe problem. However, traffic flow has been reduced thanks to not an engineer, but a senile counselman.

    Drevlin consists of a series of hollow chambers which conect to each other at ground level. One of these chambers is known as a Pyron. Each pyron contains only one type of buildings. There is a Pyron for restaurants, one for stores, one for government offices, and several for residental locations. A pyron contains vast empty space, with entrances to separate buildings all along these walls. A solid pillar stands in the center. This is for support, and also serves as an entrance to the buildings within it. A path snakes along the side of this pillar. At intervals, a bridge leads from the pillar to the walls of the vast chamber. Each building has a bridge to the pillar, and is allowed one sign to be placed along the pillar. Traffic is only allowed to walk up the pillar. In order to go back down, there is a slide within the building. This slide merges with other building's slides, and leads to the ground level, where you can either enter another pyron or climb back up the pillar.

    In the words of the senile counselman, "I walked to school and home again uphill both ways." He thought the concept was histerical. The others were less amused. However, no one could think of any reason to veto the proposed layout. Despite its oddity, traffic flow in Drevlin is the least congested of all northern cities.

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  • donteatpoop
    Magic and Religion

    Even before they embraced technology the Xolan were never a magic loving people, indeed they never really seemed to be particularly inclined to it. Mages in general are becoming a rarer sight in the Xolan Kingdom. However there was one branch that their ancestors embraced once strongly, the art of Necromancy. Records of the time before the founding of Xol are sketchy at best, but tales tell of a Xolan necromancer named Zalin the Black who saved the future of the Xolan from a cult of Elven druids that lived in a nearby forest who were stealing Xolan women and children to sacrifice to their gods and all efforts to send people into the forest to root them out ended in failure. Angered by seeing his people slaughtered, Zalin announced that he would take care of this problem once and for all, and told the Xolan not to come out their homes until daybreak. Xolan traveled to the forest alone and summoned the spirits of the victims back to this world so that they could avenge their own deaths, but that wasn’t enough, he also cast a strong wither spell turning the murderous elves’ beloved forest into dust as the spirits of their victims wrought their terrible revenge. After it was all said and done, nothing was left, but the price Zalin payed for such a powerful spell was high, and he wandered off in the wilderness somewhere to die. His body was never found; presumably he was eaten by a wandering beast. Though obviously the Xolan think of him as a hero

    Because of this tale, Necromancy has never been seen as an “evil” branch of magic by the Xolans. It is merely a tool nothing more, though one that they do recognize that it can be abused, as such all Necromancers are required to register their right to practice it and only then in the service of the Kingdom. This mainly includes working in the factories or mines to supervise the workers that have chosen to sign the “death contract”. This agreement involves the worker allowing the necromancer to raise him from the dead so that he may continue to serve the Kingdom and if he has a family to still provide for them. (Family receives half the pay that they normally would get if the worker was still alive) Of course the worker is now a zombie and merely a shell, but many workers will sign such an agreement, though there is a limit, since the necromancers can only hold control over so many dead at a time. (It is a tiring business after all)

    Other branches of magic are practically non-existent in the Kingdom though a few Elementalist specializing in Earth or Fire are welcomed due to the large amount of work done in the mountains.

    Healing magic has largely been replaced by natural medicine, though the Xolans might benefit a little more from it since the health rate isn’t exactly the best due to the pollution.

    Illusions are considered to be a waste of time (Why trick your opponent when you can blow a big hole in him?) and Natural magic is shunned altogether, presumably the memory of murderous elves lurking in forests still lies in the minds of the Xolan.

    As for religious practices, most Xolan have even less use for them than magic. This is probably due to their acceptance of necromancy (Which manipulates life after death) and now science and technology (Which operate on natural law rather than some other worldly source).

    However there is no law against those that wish to practice their own private worship of whatever god or gods they may believe in, as long as it does not harm the Kingdom in anyway.

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  • donteatpoop
    Barbarian Tribes

    In the past these were very much a problem for the Xolan, but nowadays they are merely a nuisance. In fact barbarian raids are becoming rarer against the Xolan Kingdom mainly because of the strong military presence and increasingly bleak landscape. Raiding the Empire to the south is a much more attractive and lucrative option. Still that doesn’t mean the tribes are friendly and they will attack the occasional merchant caravan if they think they have good odds.

    Lately one particularly large barbarian tribe called Grishrak’s Horde is attempting to unify ALL the tribes in the area under the rule their Warlord Grishrak. This inevitably involves wiping out half of the tribe and then wiping out the other half if they don’t surrender and swear loyalty to Grishrak.

    Grishrak is a half-orc of the largest size and seems to be trying to build a Kingdom of his own. Besides the Empire they see this Horde as the next biggest threat to their security, however despite his brutality Grishrak seems to have a sense of honor and has no love for the Empire either.

    Steps have been made to discuss this matter further with him.


    There are a few beasts that lurk deep within the mountains, but those are rare. The only monster threat comes from the northern reaches of the Kingdom when the occasional group of ice trolls come wandering down in search of food, on the really rare occasions, a Frost Giant appears. When either of these events occur, no effort is spared to eliminate these threats immediately.


    The Xolan Kingdom spends a lot on defense though it can afford to. Training is often harsh, but creates very disciplined soldiers. Swords, axes or maces are standard issue. When recruits master the art of melee only then are they allowed to practice with firearms. The Xolan military wants their soldiers to be able to defend themselves properly not overly rely on a “wonder weapon”. Arquebuses are common, but high powered repeating crossbows are still used, in fact the better the shooters get those instead as it takes some time to reload an arquebus. Whereas a sharp shooter with a repeating crossbow can do a lot more damage within the same amount of time. Regular bows aren’t used at all anymore.

    The Xolan military of course also use their cannons whenever possible, but other siege engines like catapults and ballista are still in use, they’ve just been improved upon.

    Xolan Calvary is small mainly due to the lack of horses in their land, but the Xolan prefer to rely on foot troops armed with crossbows and arquebuses shooting from afar rather than foolishly charging into the enemy anyway. (A favorite tactic of the Xolan when the enemy charges at them with cavalry, is to aim for the horses) Generals and officers are usually mounted on horses since they need to move quickly to give various orders their troops.

    Xolan Navy is also small, but powerful. Experimentation with building ships completely of metal has already begun and their existing wooden ships usually have reinforced hulls with metal plating on the inside. Naturally cannons are mounted in the ships, probably making them most the powerful in the known seas. Only monstrous sea creatures like Krakens and Megalodons usually dare attack such ships. The navy is mainly assigned to defending Xolan shores and the trade ships to the Northeastern fiefdoms.

    Other inventions used to serve the military are flying balloons, but these are mainly for lookout purposes, though rumors of other “airborn” designs are being studied and researched. The newest Xolan “weapons” are probably the clockwork golems which have now become a familiar sight in Xolan factories and cities. These metal giants are difficult to manufacture, so for now only a few have been made for important location defense.

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  • donteatpoop
    Reasons for the Fall of the Empire

    Nearby Kingdom:

    The Xolan Kingdom Statistics

    Geography and Economy

    The Xolan Kingdom is a cold almost barren place. Mountains and rough terrain are the norm, though long stretches of flat plains do exist for farming. Farming is difficult and food is almost always supplemented by hunting. Not learning how to hunt is usually a sure way to face starvation in the harsh winters. Rozloks are always in supply; small furry creatures that live in burrows and breed at a respectable rate. They taste terrible, but the Xolan favor survival over comfort any day.

    Forests are present, but becoming increasing smaller as the productive Xolans cut them down in the name of progress.

    The Xolan Kingdom is rich in natural resources and its economy is mainly driven by its factories that now dot its landscape though mining is still a major contributor. Its trading is usually with the small Dwarf clans living in the nearby mountains, though it does sometimes trade with the “friendlier” barbarian tribes to the east and there has been contact made with small fiefdoms located on another piece of land across the Sea of Ice to the north east. Trade with the Empire is limited. No major trading is done, though a few traveling merchants here and there may do some minor business.

    One thing the Xolans will never trade in to anyone are weapons, particularly their own.

    Pollution which is practically an unknown problem in most places is very much a problem here. Even the much larger Empire does not produce as much. This is due to the factories that continue to belch out black smoke through the day and night, making the Xolan Kingdom an even grayer place than it already is. (Though the forges are said to be a relief from the cold) One river, The Serpent’s Tail is completely polluted and discolored from toxins dumped in it, though much to the chagrin of the Empire this river flows downstream, causing more problems for them than it does for the Xolans. The Xolans of course have no intention of stopping their activity let alone for the likes of the Empire.

    Another landmark of Xolan landscape are the large craters in parts of the ground. Some of these can range from small, to nearly the size of a village. Weapon testing is a dangerous endeavor.

    The Xolan Kingdom is nowhere near as big as the Empire, but it’s a respectable size for its population. Most of its population is human, but is starting to include a number of Dwarves as well. The Kingdom is congruent geographically speaking though there is one small island off the coast of their territory where yet another new factory of the largest size has set up production.

    It is unknown what exactly is being built there.


    The Dwarf Clans

    When nearby Dwarf clans first discovered the Xolans finding one of their long forgotten ancestors’ factories, they were alarmed. If they’d had records of such a place existing they would’ve moved in long before the Xolans could. They thought about launching an attack, but by then it was too late, the Xolans were already using the Dwarf cannons they found on the barbarians and monsters that harassed them and were beginning to make more of their own. The Dwarves were not in the numbers they once were and the humans were abundant and growing more so every day, they could not hope to defeat the Xolans in a victorious war. So they made contact instead, to determine their intentions. As it turned out the Dwarves found they had much in common with the industrious and practical Xolans. They were relieved that the Xolans didn’t seem too interested in conquest (Which surprised the Dwarves given what they knew of humans) so much as they were interested in defending themselves. In time a friendship and was struck up and still exists to this day.

    A mutual respect for each other is what keeps the alliance going, the dwarves simply ask that their territory not be encroached on, which the Xolans abide by (The Dwarven territory doesn’t cover much anyway). Other than being a trading partner the Xolans don’t really ask anything in return for the Dwarves. Even when Dwarves offered to help them in their war with the Empire, the Xolans declined and said they’d take care of the problem themselves…and they did. The Dwarves couldn’t ask for a better neighbor that placed a high regard for self-reliance.

    Lately though the Dwarves are somewhat restless about the increased weapon testing and all the new invention designs that the Xolans have been engaging in ever since their war with the Empire, particularly the designs that the Dwarves once abandoned because they were thought to be too dangerous. This might be the reason for the recent number of Dwarves migrating to the Kingdom to help as engineers. They can’t stop the Xolans from doing what they want, but they at least want to try to guide the Xolans in a direction that won’t cause THEM trouble in the future.

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  • donteatpoop
    What is Known


    Magic is a rare practice that some people still use. The public has an inherent mistrust for the craft of magic as well as those using it.

    In regards to magic, I'm going to lump it into separate categories. Elemental Magic, Healing Magic, Natural Magic, Illusions, and Necromancy.

    Elemental Magic refers to magic which uses the elements of the earth; Earth, Fire, Wind, Water... (Heart, GO PLANET!) Also includes hot and cold.

    Healing Magic is probably the only magic that is rarely mistrusted by the masses. Generally it is used to treat wounds and cure diseases. This is a form of magic that is used by some of the higher up priests of a few of the deities.

    Natural Magic refers to anything dealing directly with nature. Witch craft, and animal control is included. Shape shifting is also considered a natural magic as the caster of such a spell is morphing into another natural creature.

    Illusions are spells that only make something appear to be a certain way. Fake fire, fake corpses, fake armies, and invisibility are just some of the practical applications of this type of spell.

    Necromancy is the scary stuff. No one in their right mind would trust this shit, even/especially those who have researched magic. These are the guys who raise armies of the undead, conjure demons, and do other such frightening things.

    Mages/wizards/witches or whatever, are not confined to just one of these areas, and there is no set “spell list” of what can and cannot be used. The above categories are only intended to help you when deciding on how to write about magic in your story.

    There are only two real rules about magic, and they are more or less guidelines:

    1. It shouldn’t be common. 1 person in 50 or less should practice magic.
    2. No “earth shattering magic”. In other words; don’t throw Gandalf or Dr. Strange into the story. No leveling towns with your magic.


    Gun Powder has been discovered, but is still very unstable. Handheld “guns” tend to blow up in the user’s hand after a few uses. Because of this instability is used very rarely throughout the world.


    1 silver coin = 5 copper coins
    1 gold coin = 5 silver coins
    1 pearl = 5 gold coins
    1 emerald = 10 gold coins
    1 ruby = 20 gold coins
    1 diamond = 25 gold coins

    copper coin = pence
    silver coin = crown
    gold coin = sovereign
    all gems = by their own names

    Basic Class System

    Aristocracy- which would probably be mostly decadent and/or corrupt at this point. You might have a few that are genuinely trying to hold the Empire together though.

    Priesthood- Since there isn't too much magic and healing magic is the only type the common people are comfortable with, I'd say they might be holding a lot of power throughout the Empire.

    Middle Class- This would be all the government officials and merchant types. Some of the really rich merchants might have their own influence, but of course due to their profession they can't "rise" above their status (Well unless it was that rare marriage arrangement)

    Military- This of course includes the soldiers of the Empire. I'd say they're about the same "rank" as Middle Class. With the generals holding a lot of influence, and the officers holding a little more than the average private. Of course there's probably that one general trying to increase his popularity and carve out his own private following.

    Commoner- This is the working class slob toiling in the fields, mines, etc. He's everyone's punching bag unless we're also going to have slaves as well.

    Slave- self explanatory. Health and condition of slaves depends on the owner/master.

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  • Usoki
    Yep! ^_^ Mainly, it's the beastiary info that I've yet to snag from online to place in my Word doc. Actually, I think that's all.

    As long as this exists in some form, I'm all for wiping the old forums. As always, I mean to get around to starting this piece...

    I'm so glad Jeff dropped- everything he added tended to piss me off. Especially when he tried to tell me how to create my damn mountains. Ass. ...I still hate that map...Chubb never took away the Europe-yness, and Jeff had too much influence in the geography layout.
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