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  • End Master
    Someone else can do it, because I’m terrible at judging that sort of thing.

    I just put this up again since I was reading Usoki’s suggestion in another thread about saving this stuff.
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  • apotheosis
    Once again, I think adding a scale to this map would really put things into perspective.

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  • End Master
    started a topic DEP's Fantasy Story Stuff

    DEP's Fantasy Story Stuff

    Harpy- Harpies are creatures that are one-third woman, and two-thirds bird. They are enchantedly beautiful, and their song is even more so. Their claws are deadly sharp, but they are not fast fliers. So, they rely on their songs to numb down the warriors reflexes before attacking.

    Basilisk (Cockatrice)- The Basilisk, as it should be, is a giant serpant. One look into its eyes, and the looker is dead. Reasonably, not much is known about the basilisk. On occasion, a cockatrice, another name for the basilisk, is portrayed as a bird with the tail of a lizard. Cockatrice's also have the "look in my eyes and die" power.

    Gorgon (Medusa)- Straight out of Greek Mythology, and altered slightly. There were only three gorgons, and two of them were immortal. So...for our purposes, they are half-snake, half-woman creatures with eyes that turn the looker into stone.

    Hydra- Again, straight from Greek Mythology. This is the nine-headed creature who regenerates two heads for each head lost. For our needs, there are numerous hydra, and none of its heads are immortal. The only way to kill a hydra is to seal the lopped head with flame before the two heads grow.

    Goblin- If I need to explain this, we're in trouble. A little over half the height of a human.

    Orc- Again, this should be obvious. Though, for distinction, Orcs are much, much bigger than Goblins, consositent in size with humans.

    Dragon- We're looking at the typical four-legged,
    damsel-stealing stereotype of almost every fantasy story ever written. This does not mean you cannot write the "rare exception" to the stereo type, but as a general rule; the dragns should follow suite with the fire breathing monsters that they are.

    Minotaur- Half-man, half-bull...yadda yadda ya. You should know what this is. And, if you don't...look at the myth of Theseus, you uncultured nitwit. For our purposes, there ar Beholders- are pretty damn powerful and very dangerous; they should be even more rare than dragons.e numerous minotaurs. Minotaurs are large and powerful creatures covered with fur and have the head of a bull. They are massively powerful, but slow of wit.

    Beholder- This is a D&D thing. Beholders resemble giant monstrous heads which float in mid-air. They have ultiple eyes and have powerful telekesis abilities.Beholders are pretty damn powerful and very dangerous; they should be even more rare than dragons.

    Antlion- Nasty bug things. They're like giant ants. They're usually blue, with giant piercing mandible jaws. They burrow underground to wait and strike. They're really more of a desert-y creature.

    Giant- For our purposes, the Giants are more like large, hulking mounds of stupid wandering about, smashing everything in sight. They don't live in the sky, and they can't tell your country of origin by smelling your blood. There are various types of giants; stone, hill, and mountain. Stone Giants are the smallest (9 to 10 ft), but have rock hard skin. Hill giants stand 12 feet on average. Mountain giants are upwards of 15' tall. Frost giant actually refers to stone giants from the north. Their exposure to the colder elements has created a visual distinction from the stone giants, but essentially they are one and the same.

    Chimera- Again, there are more than one Chimera, unlike Mythology. These creatures have the heads of a goat and lion, with a snake for a tail. For no apparent reason, it also breathes fire.

    Griffin- A griffin has the front half of an eagle, and the back half of a lion. For the most part, griffins won't attack until you piss them off. Once you do, they go for blood. Griffin have been known to be tamed by some of the nomadic elves.

    Slime- The standard creature of any RPG, slimes are every color of the rainbow, and are defeated with a simple swoosh of the sword. Duh.

    Harpy, Basilisk, Gorgon, Hydra, Minotaurs, Chimeras, Griffins- These are all
    initially from the classical Mediterrian/Mesopotainian mythologies so I’d say they’d all be found more in the Empire lands or on the islands and lands south of the Empire.

    Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds- Most likely make up a majority of the barbarian types. I’d probably include Ogres in that group as well.

    Dragons- Really rare, most likely living in the mountains. \Slime- Sounds like these would be crawling out of the polluted Serpent’s Tail River created from the toxins that the Xolan are constantly dumping in

    Ocean/Sea creatures that were mentioned were Sea Serpents, Krakens and

    Oh and of course one of the small furry creatures that the Xolans use as food; Rozloks.

    Looks like the other traditional fantasy races that have been included on a limited scale are Dwarves, Elves and Halflings

    Golem- Rock beasts. These are found in mountains, and are usually interpreted as being a collection of rocks that is magically alive. Most of them walk
    bipedal, and some have intricately carved faces and jaws. I prefer my golems with heads, but I've seen some without. Golems can be made of many substances, clay, skin, cloth, you name it. One thing is consistent, they are magically created.

    Mandrake- Plant things. I always saw them as berserk venus flytraps that can issue deafening screeches as well as bite. Gian plants that eat people who wander too near.

    Naga- Half-woman, half snake. I've also seen them called Lamias. They tend to be water creatures that flock around rivers and wetlands.

    Sea Serpent- Dragons of the sea. Usually with strong jaws and slender muscles that can crush ships with a coil of its body.

    Kraken- A vicious sea monster. Since we have sea serpents, Kraken should probably be portrayed as a giant squid, but it wouldn't have to be.

    Trolls - Trolls are generally found in swamps, but they have been known to thrive in other areas. Trolls are tall, ugly, and lanky creatures that stand upwards of seven feet tall. They have a distinguished and disgusting odor about them that is easy to pick out. Trolls regenerate severed limbs, and the limbs severed have been known to function fully despite being severed from the body. Depending on how the troll was cut apart, severed limbs have been known to grow into knew trolls in a matter of a few days.

    Elves - You know what an elf is, I am sure. But most fantasy books give them very different characteristics, so lets look at our elves: As with all fantasy, they have a close relationship with nature. They tend to stay away from human society. There are also a few "rebel" elf tribes out there. One of which is a group of cannables who eat the "unpure" races such as humans, halflings, and dwarves. They are known as the Green One's. Other rebel elves wage war with humans. And keep in mind that elves are about a foot shorter than humans, and effeminate in build. We;re not talking Keebler elves here.

    Dwarves - Short stocky stubborn bastards. They are typicaly the "old man" stereo type. They are excellent miners and craftsmen. If you want a strong weapon, you get a dwarf to make it.They generally live in clans in the montains, but have been known to occassionaly mingle with humans, generally to make money from their smith crafts.

    Unicorns - Horses with a horn on thier head. Unicorns are peacful creatures. Their horn will cure any poison. Unicorns are also sentient creatures of nature. They should be very rare.

    Nymphs - Let's not forget the sluts of the forrest. A man who sees the nymph goes mad with lust and chases her through the forest. If he catches her, they fuck like crazy and that's the end of it. Nymphs are not evil, but they can certainly destract a man from doing what needs done.

    Mermaids - in the oceans, of course.

    Zombies, and skeletons - self explanatory.

    Lich - A lich is an ancient and powerful wizard who found a way to live eternaly. They are evil necromantic magic users with limited physical power, but immense magic. They tend to keep a low profile so that they are not subject to massive assaults from the mortals.

    Vampires - Let's not forget them.

    Were-beasts - I'm not gonna say just werewolves, since bears and panthers have been riddled throughout ancient mythologies. But you know how it works. Full moons and all that. Only silver kills them, but beating them senseless with non-silver items will turn them back to their human form.

    DEP did most of “general” and Empire related stuff like Magic, Currency, Class System etc.
    Chubby did Irysopolis and The Archipelago
    Usoki did The City of Drevlin and The Nochima Sect
    Jeff did some barbarian tribe in the Pure Hills
    I did the Xolan Empire, Grishrak’s Dominion and the Dwarves


    Caden (DEP)
    Emperor Timus (DEP)
    Morlock (DEP)
    Dhomas (DEP)
    Usoki of Mirr (Usoki, duh)
    Kyramus (Usoki)
    Alythia (Usoki)
    Lushnir (Jeff)
    Varro Esteban (Jeff)
    Viktor Kaznov (Mine)
    Grishak (Mine)
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