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    Okay, so there's a dog in your story. Whoopty-damn-doo. It doesn't count as a used character unless it digs up a plot important item. Just like Matt doesn't count unless he insults a customer, and burns someone's house down after getting embarrassed. Or how Endmaster doesn't count unless he molests a horse. (I have little doubt that you included that special condition.)

    And, maybe you did have the dog dig something up. I wouldn't know. I am way too sober to read that thing right now. I'll get to it eventually.
    Originally posted by Ryan_DuBois
    Usoki, you're the crankiest asshole we know. Not that it's a bad thing, it just means that you smell funny and are best left hidden in darkness.
    And it's embarrassing when you make any noise at all.


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