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    TheChef - thanks for catching the case bug. I'll take a look and get in a fix asap.

    Let's keep brainstorming how to make the UI work for admins on conditionals. I planned on there being enhancements after users started to use it. That's how we get the best engine and features. Thanks!


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      I think I got all the case sensitivity issues fixed.

      I also went to 10 choices

      Also simplified the admin/conditional choices experience by making the choices work the same way as they do for non-admins. To give visibility and aid in crafting your story, I added a list of all conditional choices in a room. I also show a dump of any current placeholders or variable values.

      Let me know if you see any issues.

      At some point, I will probably clean up the placeholder/variable dumps and also make the choice list start off with 5 and require a button to add more options.


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